Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Ranch

The kids and I love the Ranch. We all love spending time with Aunt Sissy, I'm sure I've mentioned before but my mom's only brother died very young and my dad only has 1 sibling. So I'm very close to my Aunt, and I love that my kids are developing a relationship with her too.

I loved this pretty purple flower, she told me what it was but I don't remember what it was called. My cute boy.

The kids love to play in the dirt. They spent hours digging holes, berrying stuff, digging it back up. By the end of each day they would be covered from head to toe in dirt. Good thing grandma & Pappies trailer had a good shower.

I love the ranch I have such fond memories of the going there as a child, I love to now share that with my kids. I love the view. Such beautiful scenery.

It's a little windy so Ben was convinced his hat was going to fly off so he would smash it down on his head and then hold it that way. I couldn't convince him it would stay on. We came across this pile of poop. and Ben says "oh no it's horsey poop"

Cactus look so ugly far away but when you get close up there little pink flowers sure are pretty.

The kids and I thought this weed was cool. It kind of looked like lettuce. Jacob wanted to know who planted all the weeds. The kids and I went for a walk, my girl is so happy cause if you notice she has spotted the horses back in the trees.

my cute boys.

Aunt Sissy's babies.

Hailey got what she wanted. to ride pops.

Jacob was scared/nervous that he would only ride if he could get up there with Hailey.

I wanted a picture of the 3 kids up there. Ben wasn't too excited but once I got him up there he realized it was fun and chilled out.
At this point I was a bad mom and I turned to look in the house that they are working on and Aunt Sissy turned her head and when we looked back the kids were no longer on the horse, I'm not sure who but someone had started slipping off and took the other two with them. So I ran around and Ben was standing there on his feet with that scowl of his going "uuhhh" and Hailey and Jacob were on the butts Hailey was fussing and Jacob was full blown crying. I felt so bad. We got them dusted off and checked and everyone was ok. Hailey and Ben wanted right back on but no matter what I tried I couldn't get Jacob to get back on. But Hailey and Ben had a good time.

Ben bonded last year with Aunt Sissy's Puppy patches. Well this year they are both a year older but still good buddies. The only problem was patches really liked there outside toys and Ben did not appreciate her chewing up his balls. She also loves sticks but so do my boys, and she would take them from them. I had to laugh at Jacob one time he came up on the porch all pouty. So I said "what's wrong Bubbi" he said "why does she keep stealing my sticks, why can't she get her own sticks?"

She also loves rocks she will find them or the kids would dig them up for them. I looked over at one point and Ben was sitting there digging them up and throwing them over his shoulder and patches would go nuts and chase them and bark at them and Ben would Just giggle and dig up another one.

My kids think chore time is great. Poor Uncle Ted they beg him to let them go with him every time.

He let each of them get at least one egg. Hailey even got to get one under neath a chicken. I'm not sure what Ben and Uncle Ted are talking about but they both sure look like they are having a good time.

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