Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ashleys Birthday

We celebrated Ashley's birthday at Jammie's house we had our family favorite Chicken & dumplings. Ashley has had this same ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins since she was a little girl.

Ben decided he need the tissue paper from the presents. So he ran off with it. He's so funny.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kids time with Poo pah & Tasha

Steve & Tasha were nice enough to take the big kids so we could get away for the weekend for our anniversary. They had a lot of fun in fact they didn't want to come home. They wanted to stay there. It was Steve's sister Sharon's birthday so they took the kids to her birthday party.

Poo Pah & Jacob

Haily & Aunt Cathy

Jacob & Tasha
Poo pah & Jacob reading sonething
My jungle girl

Snowflake Monument

We stopped at the Snowflake Monument it was really cool. It is right in front of an old church building. I love old buildings they are so cool. The sign said it was erected in 1938.

Snowflake Temple

We farmed the kids off to different family members and took a 11 anniversary trip up north. It was good and bad. I've been having stomach problems so I was sick almost the entire time we were there but it was nice to get away just me and him and be kid free for a couple of days. We did take a drive over to the snowflake Temple. That was nice, It was so beautiful.

We loved this house that on the mountain right at the foot of the temple. We joked that this was our future summer home.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Silly Baby

I was in the boys room putting away clothes and I could hear something hitting the wall so when I peaked my head around the door I saw Ben sitting in my laundry basket hitting toys against the wall . He's so funny.

When I started snapping pictures of him the big kids wanted in on the picture action

Baby Book of Mormon

Ryan went by the church bookstore to buy his sister Ashley's birthday present. And also to pick up his Valentines Present. I'm a bad wife and I gave him an IOU for a book he wanted, that I hadn't had time to go get. Anyway while he was there he picked up one of those little inexpensive book of Mormons. Hailey was so excited you would have thought Ryan gave her a brick of gold. She hugged it and jumped up and down. A little later I lost her so I went looking for her and she was curled up in a chair reading it. I wanted to cry she looked so sweet. I just love that she was so excited and that she started reading it on her own. Later she was helping make the beds and she set her book of Mormon down and then picked it back up and told asked me "where should I put my Book of Mormon" I told her "just put it there on the book shelf." She got upset and said "No because, the boys can reach it and they'll ruin it and it's special I don't want it ruined" She stood there for a few minutes thinking and then says "I know I'll go put it in my room next to my picture of Jesus so it will be safe". She's so funny, and sweet. I just want to squeeze her.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kids with Uncle Bubbi

Just some pictures of the kids with Uncle Bubbi.

Benners wearing Uncle Bubbi's Hat that goes with the kilt that he wore to the Renaissance festival.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bubbi Party

We had a party when Jim was in town. Art and Debbie came from across the street. And Danny his girlfriend Delena and there kids came from Surprise. Jim made ribs, and I made Shrimp on the Barbie. Hailey reminded that she "HATES" shrimp, so she wanted to make kids kabob's. She used the grapes I had bought for us to take home and made kabob's for the kids. When Art asked her if he could have one she told him "NO, there only for the kids"

We had a really good time. Visiting and catching up

Hailey really enjoyed having other kids there to hang out with.

AZ Museum of Natural History

We took the Jim and the Kids to the Museum. We all had a great time.

Hailey had been there before on a field trip with School, but Jacob had never been there and he was so excited he would run from one display to the next as fast as he could and yell "Look at this"

Hailey wanted to stop and read every sign to grandma or I.

We kept loosing Dad who was pushing Ben because he went through the exhibits fast and Ryan because he wanted to stop and read every display.

Cute Kids

This ones not a very good picture but It one of the only ones of me, I made Ben stay in the stroller most of the time because I don't trust him not to runaway.When I did let him out and put him on a leash, all he wanted to do was lick the bars. I tried to convince him that it was discusting but he didn't seem to think it was.

Jacob was so excited to go to the Museum he kept telling me all week. We're going to go see the dinosaurs with no Skin.

In the Native American display there was a little cave with a huge picture of a Woolly Mammoth and every now and then it would trumpet the woolly mammoth sound. Hailey refused to go in, it was to load and Scary. But Jacob loved it.

Upstairs they had a Poop Display. I thought it was a little gross but the kids loved it. Hailey watching the movie about Poop.

As we were walking out of this display another little boy and girl were walking in. And the little boy said "look Mommy there's a Monkey in there". and Jacob turns to him and says "Yeah they've got poop in there too."

Jacob looking at books about Poop. They had this display and you were suppose to determine what poop belonged to what animals. Jacob was very upset by this because the poop looked very real and there was a shoe as part of the display he kept trying to climb over the fence to get "some ladies shoe"

My cute kids being movie stars and us resting, it was a long day, with lots of walking we were tired.

They had a display of an old jail the kids thought it was fabulous. At one point Hailey asked us to go away and leave her there in jail.

They also had mining for gold and the kids were really excited to try it. But some how I was the one that ended up bending over the troft swishing the pan around for 5 minutes. And when I was done and I had this little pan of gold flakes Hailey goes running over and says "look at the gold I found" I get no respect.