Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Book of Mormon

Ryan went by the church bookstore to buy his sister Ashley's birthday present. And also to pick up his Valentines Present. I'm a bad wife and I gave him an IOU for a book he wanted, that I hadn't had time to go get. Anyway while he was there he picked up one of those little inexpensive book of Mormons. Hailey was so excited you would have thought Ryan gave her a brick of gold. She hugged it and jumped up and down. A little later I lost her so I went looking for her and she was curled up in a chair reading it. I wanted to cry she looked so sweet. I just love that she was so excited and that she started reading it on her own. Later she was helping make the beds and she set her book of Mormon down and then picked it back up and told asked me "where should I put my Book of Mormon" I told her "just put it there on the book shelf." She got upset and said "No because, the boys can reach it and they'll ruin it and it's special I don't want it ruined" She stood there for a few minutes thinking and then says "I know I'll go put it in my room next to my picture of Jesus so it will be safe". She's so funny, and sweet. I just want to squeeze her.

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Bonnie said...

She is so sweet and tender hearted!