Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I actually think this should be in October not November but this is my parents house in Mesa when we had that big storm it knocked there tree in there front yard down, and the road in front of there house looked like a river. There neighbor took it and sent it to my dad. They were in New Mexico. Jacob cried and told me we couldn't go to grandma and Pappies until the river was gone. Because it was scary.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pictures from Ryan's phone

I have no idea what these pictures are about but I found them on Ryan's phone while looking for another picture and found them to funny not to share.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Hot dates

Jacob and I were suppose to be going on our Mommy/Bubbi date. But Ryan wanted to go see Tangled as a Family minus Hailey (she was seeing it with grandma) so I asked Jacob if he minded if Ben and Daddy tagged along and he was a sweet boy and said of course they could come. But as much as I love my Jacob boy You never know what answer your going to get. So me and my guys all headed off to see tangled.

I was just going to put one picture of Jacob but he makes so many funny faces I couldn't pick just one.

my other two hot dates and Ryan really was hot this night. He was getting sick so at the movies I realized he had a fever. But of course we still went and saw the movie so if you sat near us and got sick sorry.

It was a really cute movie. As we were driving home Jacob was planing out there future pretend Tangled and he said I'm gonna be Flynn Ryder, and Hailey's gonna be Rapunzel, and he gave Ben a couple of options and Ben very boldly said I want to be Woody. and of course Jacob got Mad and Said you can't be woody he's not in tangled. Well Ben's 2 and he doesn't care about these kind of details. Woody is his favorite character and that's who he wants to be so they fight back and forth until there both in tears and Jacobs Screaming Mom tell him he can't be woody. and I start laughing because this is all so silly well that just gets me in trouble with both of them. But it was a really good evening even with the little fight.


This was a day of dates Hailey and Ben and I went to the Mall and did Some shopping and played at the play place, rode the little train, and then met my mom and Her and Hailey went to the movies. She got to go spend the night at grandma and Pappies. That was a special treat for her. She loves to go on sleep overs and there aren't a lot of places we will let her go so when grandma asked if she wanted to she jumped at the chance.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black friday

Who has the best parents in the WORLD?? Oh yeah that would be me!! The kids and I spent the night at my parents, Mom watched the kids while I went and got deals all morning. I didn't go to bed until midnight and then I couldn't sleep then I got up at 4:30 to go get in line for Jacob's DS, but I stood in line so long (4hours) for the DS by the time I got it almost everything else on my list was gone. I befriended the ladies behind me and ahead of me in line and we took turns watching each others spots and when I came back and said everything was gone the lady behind me told me where to look at the returns area. I thought yeah right crazy. But sure enough I got over there and there was 6 or 7 over flowing baskets of stuff so I asked if I could look through them and they said yes. So I was able to get Jacob several Games for his DS and mom and Ryan each a movie for Christmas. I had only got in the afternoon and hit the end of the sales with my mom on Black Friday. It has always scared me. It was still kinda scary and I wish I had someone to go with me. But I got most of my deals. then mom and I went to lunch with the kids, then Hay and Mom went shopping, While Ben and I took a Nap and Jacob hung out and/or bugged my dad, and then we all went to Harry Potter, well the adults went to see Harry Potter while the kids went to the Play place. I love that play place. I love that Ben is big enough to go to it now. They did steal my idea. But that's OK it still benefits me.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Toys r us

Crazyness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went down to toys r us to hit the early 10pm special CRAZY their were people wrapped ALLLLLLLLLL the way around the building people were standing in the dark back side of the building. I decided I'm either not cheap enough, I don't love my kids enough, or I'm not crazy enough. I'm not sure which one it is. I found out after the fact on Facebook their were people I knew already in line next year I should slip a couple of bucks to let me get in line with them or just give them the money to buy my stuff.

Thanksgiving Day

Ryan's job is to peel the potatoes. So he took them in his office and the boys both wanted to help him so jacob got a potatoe peeler and was helping him. And Ben was handing him potatoes. I don't know how but somehow Jacob got it in his head that he had peeled more potatoes then Ryan that was not true. But he couldn't wait to tell Grandma and I that he did more potatoes then daddy. Ryan was very offended. But he was a good sport and played along, but as soon as Jacob was out of ear shot Ryan let us know he realy had pealed more potatoes. For those of you that have never played a board game with Ryan he's very competative and he couldn't let the 5 year old beat him at potatoe peeling.

I forgot to take any pictures at dinner. This year we had Ryan's mom Jammie, My sister Sam her husband John and their little girl Valerie, My parents kent and Carol. We had a good time all together. This was the first year in a long time we got to have my sister's family. Since they moved here from Montana hopefully it will be the first of many.

Hailey made this mat at school and then she gave of this little presentation. she's so funny and entertaining. I love this girl.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving prepwork

mom came over the day before to help me get ready for the big day. And do lots of the prep work for Thanksgiving.

After school the kids chipped in. Hailey helped mom make the stuffing. Mom and I decided to be brave and make her recipe with gluten free bread. So we'll see how it taste tomorrow.

Valerie and Jacob helped me make the gluten free pumpkin muffins. They are super yummy and I'm so excited for them tomorrow. Let me tell you it's much easier to do all the prep work for Thanksgiving with just the help of one grandma then with one grandma, two 5 year olds and one 8 year old.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ben and Sidewalk Chalk

The kids like to draw on the back Patio in sidewalk chalk. It was looking bad so I decided to hose it off. Ben got soooooo mad at me and said "you ruined my picture" I tried to comfort him but he would have no part of it so, I just went on with the other stuff I had going on. I went back in the kitchen a little while later and I see him out on the back patio drawing all over the back porch. I say "Ben what are you doing? I just washed that off" and he says "don't worry mommy I fixed the pictures" Little stink!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grandpa Dick

Bronze Star recipient's medal pinned 65 years later - ksl.com This is Ryan's Grandpa on his mom's side. We thought this was so cool. We were all very proud of him. Bronze Star recipient's medal pinned 65 years later - ksl.com

Friday, November 19, 2010

Skyline Ward Adult Italian Dinner

The Activities Committee put on an adult Italian dinner. I was suppose to help but I could never go to the meetings for this reason or that. So ended up being in charge of the music and the table clothes. And I had to work the day of the activity so I couldn't help set up so I rode along with Tiffany McGee to go get the food and then we took it back to the church to set it up. But we never could make the music play through the church's sound system. and when I went to go home to get Ryan I realized my purse was in Tiffany's car with my phone and car key's so luckily Courtney let me use her and Ryan went and got the sitter and came up to the church he tried to help me figure out the speaker system but him and brother Wright couldn't figure it out. So we ran home and got my speaker for my IPhone and used that it wasn't the best, but it was all we had.

Not being a very active part of the committee had it's perks. I got to sit and enjoy myself for the most part. I got up a few times to help check and see if food needed refilled. but other then that we just sat and hung out with our Friends. Bonnie & Rob Milius, Carrie & Ron Evangelesta, and Jennifer & Ryan Johnson

We had a really good time, we don't get to have a date much so having a whole date night to ourselves was great.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome home Daddy.

If you don't know what's going on in this picture let me explain it to you. Ryan had been away on a business trip and the kids had missed him just a little so they decided that to welcome him home that night they would sit on him. Makes sense to me.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look who turned up

The kids have these long tube like pet nets and Hailey was putting some stuffed animals away and she found her. Hailey and I were so excited and Hailey was so excited to give her to him. She ran up to him showed him he looked said "Thanks" yanked her out of Hailey's hands stuffed girl puppy under his armpit and went back to watching his show. Little ingrate.

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Puppy

So we totally picked up the house looking for girl puppy. Neither my mom or Ryan's mom has her or My sister who lives down the street that watches that kids for me on Tuesdays doesn't have her. I'm afraid she really is gone. And I can't replace her my aunt bought her on the clearance rack at the dollar store in New Mexico years ago for Hailey so she's kind of a one of a kind item. So my mom had the good idea that I take him to walmart and let him pick girl puppy a friend. OK so it didn't go as planned. First they didn't have a lot of options. Second every puppy that had a lil pink on it he reminded me that is NOT girl puppy, in the Christmas section I found one with pink ears and a pink nose that i thought was a puppy and he was happy with until he looked close and realized it was a kitty & threw it from the basket and screamed I don't want a kitty I want a puppy friend, so he saw this one and yes I realize it's another boy puppy but he is happy with "new puppy"

side note new puppy only kept him happy for a night and then he started asking for girl puppy again.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Missing Girl puppy Emergency!!!!!!!

We have a missing puppy emergency has anyone in the San Tan Valley area that I have had contact with in the last week seen or have the Pink and White Puppy in this picture? I have a broken hearted baby who cried himself to sleep tonight because he "NEEDS his girls puppy" I'm sure I have discussed this before but Ben is very attached to his girl puppy. He is the only one of my kids that has had one lovie that has and wants one lovie!!! I hope we find her soon because he is having a hard time with out her.

Trail ride with miss Emily

We had missed a horse back riding lesson this month and the kids had the day off school so we went today and did a private make up lesson. It worked out really cool because it was just Hailey and Miss Emily they got to go on a trail ride. It was a really neat experience for Hailey to have.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Silly cold girl

The kids got me up early this morning and since they don't have to be to school until 11:00 We went outside to ride bikes. Hailey complained that she was cold, it was a little brisk So I told her to go inside and get a jacket so she came back out with a coat, scarf and winter hat. I guess she wanted to be prepared in case a winter storm hit in the hour we were going to be out there.

Just a funny

I've been taking Physical Therapy at my sister in law Ashley's place and they have this sign hanging up. and it cracks my up. So I had to take a picture of it to share with you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hailey's Field trip at the Wildlife world Zoo

The 3rd graders in Hailey's class all went to the Wildlife world Zoo. Because only half of Mrs. Gillman's class is 3rd graders anyone who wanted to go could go. and so many parent went I only ended up with Hailey in my group, it was great it was like a date for just me and her. Some of Hailey's classmates but I'm a bad mom so I don't know their names. Hailey stole my camera at this point and took a million pictures of the flamingos, but I'm only posting these couples. Hailey loved taking pictures of all these animals. I have no Idea what the all are but she sure had fun taking pictures of them all. all the pretty birds. Hailey and another of her friends. Big birds and black swans/ walaby's and a duck The kids enjoyed the animal show where the brought the birds and animals out and showed us and told them about us. He was really cute the kids kept asking to touch him tough. The poor gal said about 5 times no you can't touch him. I looked over and their was my friend Carrie E's. son Aaron so I snapped a picture of him for her. Alligator's and the babies porcupine from the nursery. Hailey of course loved the babies in the nursery and wanted to steal them and take them home. \ baby Turtle or tortoises I don't remember. They have this really cool bird exhibit where the kids could go in and feed the birds apple it was great. No matter how hard Hailey tried Hailey couldn't get a bird to come to her but one of the other moms was a pro and she just walked around catching birds and making sure the kids had all had had a chance to hold one. So when she said did every one get a chance my sweet Hailey girl said my mom didn't get to hold one. so of course I said i don't need one but that mom caught one for me to hold. Hailey trying to catch one of the little birds. These little monkeys were super cute. The momma wanted to hang on the front of the cage and watch us watch her. but the baby wanted to nurse and he kept trying to nurse while she was on the cage. it was fun to watch them interact. The tortoises were having some bonding mating time and they were making the loudest noise. and the kids wanted to know what they were doing the other mom and I looked at each other because we weren't sure what to say and one of the kids said there playing so we just left it at that. When you go on Eduprize fieldtrips your not allowed to buy food or souviners at the gift shops but at this one they said we could buy food to feed the animils. They loved feeding the Giaraffe's I thought those big long tongues were gross but the kids thought it was cool. Wow that's a close giaraffe. This ostrich was so funny he was dancing away the kids thought it was the funniest thing. I tried to get a video of it but it did come out very well. My cute girl showing my all the cool animals. Hailey loved the mice, I on the other hand think there gross. The big cat. a baby big cat. Piranan's These weird fish swim with their noeses down it was so weird. turtles with long necks and colorful poisnous frogs. Hailey love the penguins. I'm with her, I think they are stinking cute. Ya gotta love Sea horse they are so cool. She got me to touch the sting Rays with her. she thought They were cool. I thought they were gross and slimmy. Me and my girl on the firld trip!!!