Saturday, July 31, 2010

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum was a double winner and only one down side Sam and I both love anything Indian history. We have Indian descendants and with Valerie being of Indian decent from Guatemala it's double whammy for Sam. and then They were having a free weekend so we could get in for free. The only down side is we had to drive all the way down there and you know I'm not a big fan of driving and not a big fan of driving to phoenix. We got a little lost but we made it.

I was trying to help the big kids with one of the little projects but it was a little complicated so we decided to take it home to finish.

Poor Ben he wasn't happy to be strapped in the stroller he wanted to run wild. This was the Basket we were suppose to be making out of string and paper.

Cute kids. Jacob, Hailey, Hailey and Valerie.

All 4 cuties. Jacob, Valerie, Ben, Hailey. We were trying to get a picture of me with the 4 stinkers but Ben didn't agree with that idea

Cute girls with the flowers we made out of tissue paper. Hailey asked me to make hers into part of her head band.

He needed to snuggle with mommy.

They had the traditional Indian dancers it was great the kids loved it. I loved it. The little girl Ben's age was so cute when she was done Ben got Mad and said to me hay where'd the baby go.
They danced so beautifully.

They had a craft project where the kids decorated a box with horse stickers they had a great time.

we sat and watched the rain and ate our Popsicles.

Sam and her girl and the stinky kids. Me and my girl and the stinky kids.

The 4 youngest Welch Grand kids. Hailey, Jacob, Valerie, and Ben

Somebody catch them before they sale away.

We had a great time. It's nice that Sam and Valerie live so close now and we can spend some time together and the kids can have a cousin. They love there Nebraska cousins but they only get to see them once a year. So it's nice to have a down the street get to do stuff with cousin.

Nesting without being Pregnant.

Is it possible to nest without being pregnant? The kids and I purged toys and stuffed animals 3 boxes worth, I cleaned off my entire desk and dusted it, cleaned out 3 boxes of stuff and put it away. Now I'm going to go clean out some more boxes. As anyone who has been in my house know house work is not my strong suit. I like having a clean house just not enough to spend hours doing it. I also come from a long line of pack rats. And I have a hard time parting with things. I form sentimental attachments to items. Where like Ryan doesn't. Growing up we had enough that my parents took care of us, but we were not wealthy so if you didn't want something but you thought you might want our need it later you held onto it because there wasn't going to be money to just go out and buy another later. So I have a hard time just getting rid of things. I also Have such a limited amount of time It's always I'll do that later. So it gets to a point where it's driving me crazy. My children are so lucky and they are loved by 3 set of grandparents and a small amount of aunts and uncle's for most Mormon kids so they have more toys then any kids should so 2 or 3 times a year we go through them and purge them. I usually do it because the last time I tried to get them to help me it was so much crying and not wanting to get rid of anything I just got mad. So my system is I watch what they play with and if they haven't played with something in a while I Put in the garage in a box and if they don't ask for it for a month or so then it goes to DI. But Even though I'm a packrat at heart, there is something enjoyable about purgeing and getting rid of stuff.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mr. Cool

This is how Ben insisted on eating his lunch. I tried to take them off and he got mad at me. And every one that walked by told him how cute he was. The little old man at Paradise Bakery kept calling Mr. Cool. He thought he was big stuff. I think he is silly. I thought he would really have a hard time having both Hailey and Jacob being gone all day but he is doing ok he still asks me a lot where they are but he's not as upset as I thought he would be.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Kindergartners

We gave Valerie a ride to School this week to try to help her ease away from mommy and into school. We knew she wouldn't get as upset for me so Jacob and I would go pick her up and they would go to the play ground together. I wanted to get a picture of them the first day, but when I saw her crying and Sam having to drag her towards her line I knew I wasn't getting my picture so I got it today. They are in classrooms right next door to each other.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st day of School.

The big kids started school today. I know everyone thinks I'm weird but I hate when school starts. I would keep them home with me most of the time if I could. Don't get me wrong I have no desire to home school them, I just want to play and have fun and do fun stuff. I just hate the stress of having to get to and from and having to get home work done, and projects done. Blaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I'd rather just keep them home and play games, and watch movies. But I don't have that choice and they had to start. So Here are my 2 School kids.

Hailey is in the 3rd grade and Jacob is in Kindergarten

and of course Ben had to get in there too.

Today I was allowed to park and walk Bubbi up to the door which I did. But after today He will get dropped off at the curb. It was crazy the amount of parents and kids that was back there. These pictures are a little misleading. It looks like he's crying but he's not he's whining because he was hot. And wanted to go inside. My big kids could care less about leaving mommy. Jacob did tell me he would rather stay home and play wii all day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is why I get to pick his clothes

School is starting very soon and I told Jacob I got to pick his clothes for school and he and Ryan got mad at me and both felt I was being unfair. and then this morning this is how he came out dressed. and this is why I get to pick his clothes the shirt and the soccer shorts are ok but then you move down and he paired them with white socks and cowboy boots. Now in his defense for a lot of years I let him wear his boots with shorts because when your 4 and not in school. But I think you need to look a little nicer when you go to school.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grandpa Hibbert

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I adored my grandparents. We spent a lot of time with them when we were kids. We lived in Denver, CO and they lived In Raton, NM which for those of you that aren't familiar with the area are only about 3 1/2 hours apart. My parents made sure we had what we needed, but we didn't have a lot of extra to go on fancy vacations. So for vacation we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was great we loved it, we got to ride the horses and feed the baby calf's, chase the baby goats. They had a little spread right outside of town, Not super big but big enough to run wild. My grandpa was a kids best friend. He rarely got mad at us, and you could talk him into pretty much anything. A Slurpee, ice cream, $5 more of fireworks, 5 more minutes on the horses, pretty much what ever you wanted. I'm sure my mom was pulling her hair out with him, but we LOVED him.
So when mom and I were working on converting Grandma Annie's old house into Mom and dad's new house we found these pictures and this Newspaper Article. My grandpa was a cowboy and when I say cowboy I don't mean a guy who wears boots and a hat I mean he was a cowboy he worked all kinds of different cowboy jobs. He owned a boot shop, he shoed horses, he worked cattle and he worked at the Race track that use to be in Raton. My kids thought it was so super cool that my grandpa was a for really real cowboy. Those are Hailey's words.

I know you can't read this so here's what it says

Delbert Hibbert beginning his 12th season as outrider
Raton Range Friday, April 26, 1985

When you see Delbert Hibbert heading out
onto the track, you know the beginning of the
race isn't to far off.
Hibbert, age 65, is returning for his 12th
season as "outrider" at La Mesa, but he's
been around the track in some capacity since
"I've done everything on a race track that
you can do on a race track" said Hibbert,
who has a very distinguishable raspy but
knowledgeable voice.
As an outrider, his duties include leading
the horses from the paddock onto the track
for a race.
He also picks up loose horses and is the
general boss of the track during the week
between races.
"I take care of the boys (riders)", Hibbert
Since La Mesa Park opened in 1946, Hibbert
has run horses and has owned them, but
for the most part he has been a shoer.
"I got out of the owning race horses a long
time ago when I found out I couldn't make
no money," Hibbert said
With the apparent change of ownership, he
says the atmosphere is pretty much business
as usual behind the scenes at the track.
"I don't hear no griping and I don't see
anybody worried," he said
As far as retiring, well, that word doesn't
exist in his vocabulary.
"I'll hang around as long as the keep me.

I have very fond memories of going to the race track when I was a kid. My grandpa was an outrider, Which part of his job was he led the horse and riders out when the races started. We got to take turns and grandpa would take one of us in the truck with him early and we got to ride around the track with him until it was time to start. One time when it was my turn to go with him, when it was time for the races to start mom and grandma still weren't there and grandpa was going to give me to these people I didn't know. He knew them of course and knew I was safe but I didn't know them, so I cried and cried and I begged him to let me stay with him, but he had to go do his job so he couldn't let me stay but I was little and didn't understand so I was supper upset.

This was my horse "Old blue" I loved him dearly.

This is all of us with Grandpa. I'm the cute Blondie upfront then Sam, & Jim behind grandpa
I'm not sure what grandpa had said to me but I was very interested.

Grandma getting us so grandpa can go to work.