Sunday, July 11, 2010

4 Wheeling

The one thing Ryan wanted to do was do some 4 wheeling. So we strapped the kids in one of Pam's cool Jeep things, which took some doing. The seat belts all have these 4 point harness straps it was crazy it seemed like it took us forever to figure out which was the safest way to put the 3 kids to ride and then get them strapped in being one was missing a piece so Ryan had to get creative. But we finally got them all in and Ready to go.

The views were so pretty. The houses around were a range of big and gorgeous to cute and little. I would love to live up here, where there's tree's and grass and it doesn't get to get 120

Cute Boys.

Jacob enjoying the ride, I look back and he was sound asleep. He can fall asleep anywhere.

My cute girl.

my cute kids and more beautiful views.

Pam had this cool map that showed the route we could take up the mountain. When we got over there the road was closed I felt bad for Ryan he was so disappointed. So we drove around a little but every time we found a cool little road to go down it would dead end into someones house or a sign that private road. So we drove around and looked at houses, but it wasn't near as fun as it would have been to 4 wheel up the mountain. It was nice to spend time together as a family out in nature.

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