Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black Jack Ketchum

We had some time to kill after the BBQ but before the Rodeo, so mom, Jim, the kids and I in my car and Jeremy and Sy in their car went to find the grave of Black Jack Ketchum. For those of you not familiar Black Jack Ketchum is an outlaw cowboy who was arrested, hung and buried in Clayton, That is it's claim to fame.
We knew it was in the cemetery but we didn't know where so we drove around for a little while looking for his grave, when we couldn't find it we stopped and ask some grandma ladies that were tending a grave, and she told me it was right by the entrance up from the flag pole in the middle of the road I remember thinking she's crazy why would it be in the middle of the road

So we parked right up from the flag pole and started walking around mom and Ben stayed in the car. We walked around in all directions for 20 minutes the web site we found said When Black Jack Ketchum was buried no one wanted him near their relatives, so he was buried in the median near the entrance.after 20 minutes I gave up and went back to the car to get a drink and as I was leaning on the passenger side window talking to mom I look up and notice a grave and I thought well that's an odd place for a grave right there in the middle of the road away from everyone else. And then it hit me, oh that's it. We had driven past it twice and walked by it at least 3 times, and mom had set in the car for 20 minutes staring at it. We felt a bit retarded.

Jacob kept calling him Black Jack Ketchup he doesn't really understand it all so he asked us at one point if we were going to dig him up and he asked if he died there and I said no he died at the Jail, and He said lets go there that would be more interesting.

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