Friday, July 9, 2010

The Painted Dessert. Petrified Forrest

When the kids and I travel to New Mexico it takes 12-14 hours depending on how many times we stop for gas, to go potty, to stretch are legs and so on. So stopping to sight see with 3 kids by myself is not something I do. But the kids especially Hailey always to stop and see stuff that they see signs for but I just want to get there. So when I Map Quested it and realized that because we were only going to Flagstaff we would have time to stop and do something. So The Petrified Forrest was on the way to Flagstaff so that's what we did.

It doesn't take much to make my kids happy we pulled up and this crow was eating bread crumbs they didn't want to get out and walk around they wanted to sit there and watch the crow eat bread.

My 4 babies. I don't know why my kids can't all look at the camera at the same time but it is against their religion. I took like 5 pictures and this was the best one. look at the beautiful background behind my babies.

Cute kids, I love the faces that baby makes. Getting the girl to stand still long enough for me to take a picture took some doing. Bear was so excited about all the smells and she was just as excite to follow him around.

The views were so pretty. Hailey thought it was funny that it was called a painted Desert. I don't know why she found it so comical I think it is a fitting name. It looks like God Painted it.

More cute kids.

Jacob loves sticks and rocks every where we go he picks them up. if they fit in his pocket in they go and they end up in my washer, if not they end up in my car. I layed down the law a long time ago that the big ones don't come in my house so I clear them out of my garage on a regular basis.

Me and my boys and a Lizard.

This is really cool this was the remains of a Plaza, and what they knew about the Indians that lived there.

So small piece of advice when your 8 year old who is pushing your 2 year old in the stroller says to you from the top of a small trail "mommy I'm going to roll Ben to you it will be fun for him like a little ride." Don't say yes. It might end badly. It might end with the stroller hitting a crack in the trail the stroller flying off the trail the baby falling out of the stroller scratching his face and hitting his head on a small rock. I'm not saying that did happen, I'm just saying that could happen, and then when you get the baby cleaned up and the 8 year old comforted who feels horrible for hurting her baby brother, you might look up and realize that your 5 year old is gone. and when you find him he is down at the bottom of the trail at the edge of a cliff. You might then start yelling for him to get away from the edge of the cliff and start running down the trail. Then a nice couple with half a dozen kids says we were keeping an eye on him for you. We saw that you had your hands full up there and pointing to their own kids say we've been there before. I'm not saying that's what happened I'm just saying that's what might happen if you don't think through one little question before you say yes.

These were so cool the big kids and I really enjoyed finding all the petroglyphs on the rocks. It was so much fun finding them and pointing them out to each other. I'm not sure if you can see them very well if you can see them in the pictures.

My cute babies with the petrified wood. We had to drive all the way back throught the forest. By the time we got back the gift shop was closed my kids were bummed. But the gift shop to the park was still open so we stoped there and Hay got a puzzle and the boys got books and we got daddy a book about the petroglyphs there and in other parks. I was a little dissapointed I wanted to get the kids a little piece of petrified wood. Oh well maybe next time.

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