Saturday, July 3, 2010

Clayton Parade

We decided to be in the parade this year instead of just watching. Evan and Danielle brought their gator and trailer, we brought candy and decorations. It was a little stressful we got there barely in time to get in our spot and line as the parade was starting. But it was super fun for the kids. We adults had fun too. Dano Drove the gator while Jim and I rode in the trailer and helped throw candy.

The big kids liked throwing the candy but Ben was not to excited about it. He kept telling me no "open it, I eat it"

Logan, Ben, and Hailey

Me running Dano more candy, The double bubbi.

Pictures of us in the parade the family took. Jacob had lost his hat the wind blew it off right at the fire station, one of the fire fighters picked it up so I told him not to worry about it that after the parade we would go back and get it. But one of the big trucks behind us stopped and grabbed it and brought it to us.

The family sat at the end of the parade. So when we got to the end we turned around so the kids could watch the rest of the parade. Which worked out well because we were at the beginning of the parade so they got to see the end and they got to catch candy. Next year if we do it again we'll have to take more candy, by the time we got to the end we had run out and were just waiving.

when we turned around and headed back one of the trucks passing us was spraying this high powered hose. He thought it was funny but the kids and I didn't find it very funny that we were now soaked. Especially since I had waisted my time doing my hair. I was super annoyed.

The rest of the Parade.

This picture was taken after the parade Hay and I ran into the store to use the bathroom so I left stinky with mom in her car. I thought it was to cute of him not to share.

a few days later as grandma Nona and I were driving she was telling me how when she was a girl they would ride the horses to town from the ranch, which took them ALL day and they would ride their horses in the parade.

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