Monday, August 30, 2010

Now the Dog's sick

Just got back from the vet. Bear will survive, they're not sure what he has it's either Bacterial skin infection or he's developed an allergy to something. so $300 later I have a shampoo and an antibiotic to treat something that we're not sure what it is. Like I don't have enough medical problems in this household and now the poor dog has some weird thing that they have no idea what it is. Wish me and Bear luck!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

My shopping companions.

I took Black Bart and some kind of bunny fairy Shopping with me tonight. When I told them if they were going with me they had to come on they asked if they could go in there dress up clothes I said sure why not. They were so happy and so excited. That one little sentence made me the best mom in the world. The looked so cute. We got a few odd looks but mostly people just gave them smiles and chuckles.

Nere Test

I don't know how many of you have had a nerve test done but I'll explain it to you a little. It's horrible. I think it might actually be torture. The sweet little nurse takes a shock wand and shocks you in all these places from my finger tips to shoulder. It was annoying mostly but when she shocked my collar bone and my arm pit that was actually painful and I jumped. It was interesting to see my arm jumping around in weird directions not of my control. But then the Dr. came in and he stuck these little needles in and sent electricity through my arm. We he did that to the lower part of my arm it was painful but when he did it to my shoulder I actually started to cry it hurt so much. I felt kind of bad for the Dr. because he was trying to talk to me. And I was crying and he kept saying are you OK? and I was like yeah. I know he felt bad that he caused me pain and then had to tell me there was nothing wrong with it nerve wise. And then I went to leave and I thought I had composed myself and the nurses were all like oh no are you OK? and I was like yeah I'm fine that just really hurt my Shoulder.
Well isn't that fantastic, and now my arm & shoulder are killing me from being poked and shocked grrrrrrrr!!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Silly Baby

Silly Baby I was sitting on the couch working on computer and I heard his little voice say mommy look at me, and when I turned this what I saw him wearing his woody Dolls hat. He's so stinking cute.

and then tonight at dinner he said look mommy a Castle. That's what he calls anything he can stack. And when I looked he had balanced his cup on top of the Hersey syrup. And he was very proud of himself.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saddle Club

The Ranch Hailey started taking ridding lessons at does a Saddle club once a month it's usually for just bigger girls but during the summer the younger Hailey size girls can come. They start with a bible study and all kinds of different activities usually something about horses but this time they did a service project for a church that are refinishing this old house for the community of Florence. So we cleaned out trash and sweeped the steps and cleaned floors.

Miss Emily and her Friend and Jaden cleaning the floors.

Hailey girl working on the floor.

The sign talking about the house.

The girls and Jaden. The house!!

Swim Lessons

We had another swim lesson today. After the lesson the kids got to play a little. We put floaty suits on the little kids so it wasn't as stressful on me to worry about keeping them right next to me. I know that's Dano's favorite. But it sure did relieve some of my stress.

Hailey was so excited Dano worked with her on the diving board and she did so good. Watching her was scary for me though. With myself not being able to swim watching my baby jump off the board and swim to the side. I was so proud of her. And she was so proud of her.

After his first swim lesson he had such a hard time I bought this water launchers and he only got to play with them after he had at least tried to do what dano wanted of him to do. So it kind of motivated him to learn during his lessons not just cling to Dano and cry.

The kids and there goggles. The Chlorine Really bothers Hailey's eyes so i figured it was better to get her some goggles so she could focus on learning and not on complaining about her eye's. So of course the little kids all wanted goggles too. Luckily I had those from last summer.

I'm not sure what with the faces but I thought they were funny.

More funny faces.

Jacob Boy and Logo.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jacob ENT

I took Jacob to the ENT today to have him evaluated. First off I just loved her Jacob was trying to talk to her the entire time and she was so good with him, she would talk to me a few minutes and then talk to him. I really liked her "Bed side manner" But she said that his Tonsils and Adenoids are big for his age but the problem is most kids his age are the other problem is that if we wait until he grows a little bit and see if he grows into them he could be too big to benefit from having them out for some of the other reasons. One of the main reason's we are looking at taking them out is he has snored since the day his was born and she and I agreed that is not normal. And Ryan and I feel that the snoring is keeping him from sleeping him well at night, which we are thinking is affecting his personality and may be why he is so whinny and cries so much and complains all the time. and also the fact that he will fall asleep at the drop of a hat. In the car, at the table, on the couch. She said she would recommend taking his tonsil and adenoids out. But she can not guarantee that it will help the problems we are having. I don't want to put him through this and have it not help and she said if you have it done and it doesn't help the problems, him not having them will not hurt him. So Ryan and I are going to discuss it and see what we think is best.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Valerie Sleepover

Normally we wouldn't do a sleep over on a school night but Sam had a Dr's appointment SUPER early in the morning so I suggested instead of upsetting every ones morning Valerie just spend then night which at first she wasn't super excited about at first. she's not like my kids. My big kids would have jumped at the chance but she's not a huge fan about being away from Mommy and daddy. But she did OK

I forgot to take any pictures of our first sleepover friend. Until this point when we were doing snack/scripture study.

I did have to get a little short with her. I had to remember ever ones house has different rules. But at my house we do our routine. Family Prayer, Snack & drink , Scripture Study, Story, Hugs and Kisses, potty and My kids go to bed and they stay there. They don't get up they don't bug me, they don't ask for things, So the second time she got up I got a little short with her and she got that look on her face that she gets that says "hey Aunt Vicki doesn't talk to me that way" but I told her "I know It's different at your house but at my house you go to bed and you stay there. Hay's in bed, they boys are in bed, Uncle Ry's in bed. And I have work to do. So go Potty and I'll refill your drink and you go to bed with Hay and you stay there." She told her mommy the next day I thought about crying but I didn't want to wake Hailey up. Because they were sleeping in the pullout sofa together. I know she had a hard time but I think she did pretty good.

Activity Day Recognition

The leader called and got little tidbits of information on the girls ahead of time like on Hailey I said she was smart, she rode horses, and she was a great big sister.
The girls sang some songs.

Then we had cookies and looked at pictures of them working on their projects.

I wanted to get pictures of my Activity day girl on her first recognition night.

and of course Jacob had to have his picture taken too.

Hailey girl

I love that Hailey girl, I asked her to do 3 things and she gave me a look like I'm going to forget, so I asked her if she wanted me to write it down, she said yes, and then ran off to do her errands and then came back and said "put more" and when I asked her what she meant she said "give me more chores. I'll do anything you need help with." what a sweet girl I've been blessed with.

Monday, August 16, 2010

First rideing lesson

I'm so excited I was sitting in the Queen Creek Cafe and the tables have adds on them and there was one for riding lessons. I was pretty sure it would be to pricey but I thought I would inquire. Hailey had her first lesson today, My shoulder is still killing me but I had already had this scheduled and I knew rescheduling it would kill us. But I got there and realized I didn't have my camera. So this is the on picture I got with my phone. Hopefully I'll get more next time.

She did really good, I loved watching her. I was a little jealous though. I would have loved to have been a 8 year old girl taking riding lessons.

MRI on Shoulder

I finally got my MRI on my shoulder done today it was a long frustrating process. I have been in so much pain. and the Dr. wanted me to get it done pronto but every time I talked to the gals at the office they told me they had to get it processed through my insurance. So when I saw my bishop this weekend who also works at my Chiropractor office he asked what I found out I told him I was still waiting for my insurance approval. He got annoyed and said that's crazy my office could get an emergency approval. So I called this morning and she told me she was still waiting for the Dr.'s notes to send the preapproval in, at that point i started to cry I told her I have been and in so much pain, I can't use my arm, I've had to get my sister to help drive my kids to school. She then asked me if i had a pain meds, I said I did but I have 3 little kids to take care of I can't be all drugged up. I told her I don't want to be drugged I want to know what's wrong with my shoulder so we can fix my arm. I then told her what the bishop said and told her as much as I don't want to I may just have to go through my chiropractor so I can get to ball rolling on this. and she said well let me see what I can do. and what do you know She called me back with in the hour and had me an emergency approval to have my MRI done she had a little trouble finding the lab down here, because it's brand new, so I made a couple of phone calls and found it and between her and I we got me an appointment for this afternoon at the lab down here in Queen creek. So I went and had it done and she gave me earplugs and set it would be a little loud but oh my gosh it was so loud and so annoying it kept changing pitches and octaves. But I am one step closer to finding out what is wrong with this shoulder. Now I just have to get my Nerve test approved and scheduled.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family wall

We painted our hallway a year and half ago and I finally am getting around to putting my family wall back up. Silly me I kept waiting for someone who lives at my house to help me put it back up but I finally realized that was never going to happen, and then I saw on a decorating show they cut out pieces of paper the same size as the pictures and taped them to the wall and then you could move it around until you got in the way you wanted it. and then I bought these new sticky things they have at walmart that remind me of Velcro and you put one end on the wall and one end on the back of the frame and you don't have to nail into the wall they worked great and I got the wall up mostly by myself and one armed and all.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Swim Lesson

We had a group swim lesson today. wow was my shoulder sore by the time we were done.

Jacob, Dano, Dylan, Me, Valerie

Jacob, Hailey, Dano, Me, Dylan, Evan

Jacob, Valerie, Me, Dano, Dylan, Logan, Valerie and Hailey

Valerie, Dano, Dylan, and Hailey