Monday, August 16, 2010

MRI on Shoulder

I finally got my MRI on my shoulder done today it was a long frustrating process. I have been in so much pain. and the Dr. wanted me to get it done pronto but every time I talked to the gals at the office they told me they had to get it processed through my insurance. So when I saw my bishop this weekend who also works at my Chiropractor office he asked what I found out I told him I was still waiting for my insurance approval. He got annoyed and said that's crazy my office could get an emergency approval. So I called this morning and she told me she was still waiting for the Dr.'s notes to send the preapproval in, at that point i started to cry I told her I have been and in so much pain, I can't use my arm, I've had to get my sister to help drive my kids to school. She then asked me if i had a pain meds, I said I did but I have 3 little kids to take care of I can't be all drugged up. I told her I don't want to be drugged I want to know what's wrong with my shoulder so we can fix my arm. I then told her what the bishop said and told her as much as I don't want to I may just have to go through my chiropractor so I can get to ball rolling on this. and she said well let me see what I can do. and what do you know She called me back with in the hour and had me an emergency approval to have my MRI done she had a little trouble finding the lab down here, because it's brand new, so I made a couple of phone calls and found it and between her and I we got me an appointment for this afternoon at the lab down here in Queen creek. So I went and had it done and she gave me earplugs and set it would be a little loud but oh my gosh it was so loud and so annoying it kept changing pitches and octaves. But I am one step closer to finding out what is wrong with this shoulder. Now I just have to get my Nerve test approved and scheduled.

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