Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween through the years

My friend Carrie has been putting old pictures on her blog and I love the idea so much I'm going to steal it and post our Halloween through the years.






We went Trick or treating with Our neighbors. Renee & I took the kids while the Ryan and Tim Handed out candy at our house.

Maddi had no idea what was going on she just hung out in the stroller. Ben was very confused at why we were walking around the neighborhood at night and people were giving us candy. If they handed it to him he would say thank you but if they put it in his hand he would give them a dirty look. He just didn't get the concept. He did really good though he walked for 3/4 of the neighborhood until he got tired and wanted me to carry him.

When we went to the Pumpkin patch they wanted to get grandma Jammie a little pumpkin because she didn't have one. Instead of carving it they decorated it with these pieces you push into the pumpkin. It was a very creative combination of Hailey and Jacob. After trick or treating we went over so the kids could trick or treat at grandmas house.

She had her bowl of candy out and the big kids started grabbing candy out of it and Ben liked that idea so went over and grabbed two big fists full and told her "Tant you" over and over again. He was so excited he started shaking.

Grandma Jammie and 3 super hero's

Then we went back to our house and had Pizza with Tim and Renee
Super man, super baby, super girl --Hailey insisted they had to be matching. Ben could care less but we had to talk Jacob into it, he wanted to be batman but I figured it wouldn't be long before she wouldn't want to dress like her brothers so I better take advantage of it while I can.

Jacob, Maddi, Lucas, Ben, & Hailey

Friday, October 30, 2009

Class Party's

We had a busy day 2 class parties and the church trunk or treat. We started Jacob's first class party. I had to take Hay & Ben with me. But they had a good time. Miss Marni let them participate.

They got to make pumpkin bags

Miss Marni gave them candy

Then they frosted and decorated cookies.

Jacob tried on Mrs. Marni's hat and thought he was hot stuff.

The kids playing during free time and all of Jacob's Pre-school class. Ben thought he needed to be in the picture too.

Hailey made this Sign and put it in her window. I had to laugh at the creative spelling.

Then it was off to Hailey's school. They weren't allowed to have a Halloween party so they had a literature day. First there was a parade. They made bags for all there goodies.

Hailey's 2nd grade class with Mrs. Tomas, they were suppose to make a pumpkin to go with their character so Hailey and I made this one.

Hailey loves Mrs. Tomas. On weekends she tells me how much she misses her. Hailey wanted me to tell you all that Mrs Tomas was "Fancy Nancy"

Hailey decided she wanted to be one of the fairies from her books, so she brought me Fern and told me this is the only fairy she could be because She was the only one dressed modestly.

Trunk or Treat

After the class parties I had to run home and make a cheese cake for the trunk or treat. We invited Aunt Mammy and our neighbors Tim & Renne and their kids Luke and Madi to come with us.

Our friends little boy was super man too.

Hailey was really excited to hand out candy so after we walked around got candy she handed out what was left.

We got dry ice for our trunk but our water wasn't warm enough so it didn't work very well, so when we got home we put it out back for the kids to enjoy. They all took turns blowing the smoke.