Saturday, October 17, 2009


On our last day of vacation we went to the beach. It was a long drive but it was worth it because the kids had a great time It was an hour or more drive and Ben sang to us almost the whole way. I got a couple videos sorry I know they are sideways I forgot you can't change the direction of a video. Well may be you can but I just don't know how.

It was an adventures drive. I forgot to give Jacob his Dramine and so half way there he threw up and of course I didn't have another swimming outfit for him with us. So Ryan said he can just wear his underwear. Well Jacob didn't like that idea at all. He told us I can't go on the beach everyone will see my unders. So we had to stop at the towns walmart so I could run in and get him some new swim trunks. But being that it was October they had put all there summer stuff up and had the hats and gloves out which seems silly to me because we were in Florida. I'm not sure it ever gets cold there. Well I found one pair of shorts on the clearance rack and I bought a size smaller because my kids have no waste and no butts to hold up there shorts. and when I got them out to the car they were still to big for him. But at least everyone didn't see his underwear.

Hailey and Jacob My beach babies just love the beach. Jacob wasn't to hip on getting in the water but he enjoyed playing on the beach.

Ryan and Ben and Mattie. He wasn't a huge fan of the water either. when we tried to take him in he would climb up us to stay out of the waves.

What a view

We tried to build a sand castle but we just ended up with a bunch of these. and some how I ended up stuffing all the buckets with sand. I was working and I looked up and I was the only one working on it the big kids had run off downs the beach with Ryan

Two of my favorite men . I have a picture like this of Jacob and Ryan walking down the beach.

Playing on the beach

Ryan and Mattie and Ben

We found this blue floatie bobbing down the waves so we played with it for a while and then sent it on it's way, hopefully back to it's owner

My burrito babies. The kids love when Ryan wraps them up like burritos after bath and they were all cold so he wrapped them all up and I had to take a picture of them all cute and still. But don't be fooled there not always so cute and silent.

Snack time. Me and Benners, Jacob making a funny face, Ryan and Hay bug

I love back shots and Hay and Ben just sat down and were watching the waves come in. They're so cute.

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