Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

With our crazy lives it took us several days to get our pumpkins carved. On Wednesday while Ryan was at his Bishopric meeting the kids and I took the insides out of our pumpkins. Hailey just loved it. I thought it was gross but she enjoyed taking the goop out.

Then Thursday night we started carving. Hay drew her own and carved most of it. I helped a little but she did really good.

When I went to my Primary Presidency Meeting Ryan finished carving the boys pumpkins. Jacob picked what he wanted it to look like but Ryan carved it and then he carved Ben's too.

I think he did a pretty good job and they turned out good.
Ryan was worried for our pumpkins, because one year, right after we carved them the next morning we got up and some punk kids had smashed our pumpkins. I told Hailey a little white lie that year when she asked where our pumpkins were I told her someone took them because that was easier to explain to a little girl then somebody smashed them.

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