Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Animal Kingdom

None us have ever been to Animal kingdom so we decided to give it a try. It was great there weren't a ton of people so the lines were very short and it was a very low stress day It was great.

Hailey rode the Avalanche roller coaster. She told me it was super scary but she rode it with Ryan twice.

They have a Safari ride where you get to see actual animals. We all loved it. Kids and adults alike. I can't remember what the tree is called but is sure is cool.

a Rhino and a deer

Birds and Hippos

Alligators and a cool scenery picture

Elephants and African cow of some kind

A lion and I think a Cheetah

Brianna, Hailey, and little Nate.

Ryan and Jacob---Mattie and Benners

There was this tree women. I'm not really sure what this was all about but she was cool

Pictures with flik from Bugs life

The tree of life. Hailey was really excited about it because her and Ryan watched a show on TV about how they made this tree

Jacob had taken pictures with tons of characters but for some reason he decided he was scared of them and from this point on he refused to stand with any of them unless I was in the pictures. I was so annoyed.

One of the towns is a Dino town

Me and Jacob who you can't see--Mattie, Ben, & Mattie.

Jacob was so excited to ride the dinosaur ride that we saw on line. But after he rode it it scared him to death. Poor Ben was to short to ride on most of the rides but it worked out because Andrea and I don't like roller coasters so we hung out and let Benners play on the big dinosaur

Ben--Little Nate, Jacob, Brianna, Hailey

I thought this was cool. A bridge made of Dino bones.

We were getting ready to see the bugs life show.

Ryan and Baby Ben

My Hailey Bug--and Buggy Boys Jacob and Little Nate
It scared them to death The bugs coming out at them and things being thrown into the audience. Ben kept freaking out and the big kids were on either side of me both freaking out.

I thought of all the characters the pooh Bears Ben would take too considering his favorite lovies are his pooh bear, and tiger. But still no luck. Hailey was so cute hugging all of them.


When we got done standing in line and seeing the characters, Nate asked Andrea what was the ride we were going on, he was a little annoyed when she told him we stood in line just to see the characters.

We ate at this really cool African buffet. We got to try some new food, but they also had American food for the kids.

This was the view outside the restaurant and I just thought it was such a cool view.
Hailey has a likeing for Jimmeny Cricket. And when she saw him she got so excited and ran over to him

They had a lady with a snake and all of the kids got to touch it. They were all very excited to touch it. Ben Jerked his hand back so quickly I didn't get a good picture.

Hailey & Pocahontas, and Rafiki. Ryan and I were joking around with him saying he needed a shave and a haircut and it hurt his feelings so to make up for it he made me kiss him on the cheek .

The petting zoo. The kids all loved the animals. Petting and combing them.

The daily Parade. We didn't actually stop and watch it we just watched it as we walked by.

This was the end of the day festivities. The kids loved the music. I wish I'd had my video camera to take some video of them dancing like crazy.

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Bonnie said...

Another fun filled day lucky girl. Walker would have loved the dinosaurs. To bad Jacob got scared of the characters. I think my lil ones would have been scared too.