Friday, October 30, 2009

Class Party's

We had a busy day 2 class parties and the church trunk or treat. We started Jacob's first class party. I had to take Hay & Ben with me. But they had a good time. Miss Marni let them participate.

They got to make pumpkin bags

Miss Marni gave them candy

Then they frosted and decorated cookies.

Jacob tried on Mrs. Marni's hat and thought he was hot stuff.

The kids playing during free time and all of Jacob's Pre-school class. Ben thought he needed to be in the picture too.

Hailey made this Sign and put it in her window. I had to laugh at the creative spelling.

Then it was off to Hailey's school. They weren't allowed to have a Halloween party so they had a literature day. First there was a parade. They made bags for all there goodies.

Hailey's 2nd grade class with Mrs. Tomas, they were suppose to make a pumpkin to go with their character so Hailey and I made this one.

Hailey loves Mrs. Tomas. On weekends she tells me how much she misses her. Hailey wanted me to tell you all that Mrs Tomas was "Fancy Nancy"

Hailey decided she wanted to be one of the fairies from her books, so she brought me Fern and told me this is the only fairy she could be because She was the only one dressed modestly.

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