Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Garden

Back when I didn't have 3 kids and a huge church calling Ryan and I made a square foot garden box. Well Life has been so busy that I haven't planted anything for several seasons. Those of you who don't live in AZ we have 2 growing seasons here one in the spring and one in the fall. So this year I took the time and did it. I went online to the agricultural website found out what was good to plant this time of year and planted my garden. I have to put a fence around mine or my dog gets in it and eat's my plants. So I locked poor Ben outside the fence but I let the big kids come in and help me.

We planted Green beans, Broccoli, and Carrots and one box of marigolds because someone told me one time that marigolds keep afids away. Several years ago I planted Asparagus and they all died but one plant. And that one plant just keeps hanging on. When there's nothing else alive in the garden and I forget to water it it still continues to grow. It must have found an underground water source somehow.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Primary Activity

For our Quarterly Primary activity we did scripture in a bag. Which is we put together a bag full of house hold items and they had to make a skit out of them to go with a particular scripture. My pictures turned out really crummy. So sorry for the poor quality.

These are the groups putting their skits together.

Brother Morris & Brother Johanson's group did Danielle in the Lions Den.

Sister Potter and Sister Hansen's group did the story of Abinadi

Sister Evans and Sister Davenports group did David and Goliath

Sister Takahashi & Sister Winchell's group did Noah's ark

Sister Smith & Sister Milius's group did Joseph and his coat of many colors. On a side note this was the bag I put together. Do you like my towels and Hailey's head bands?

Sister Christensen's group did Alma the Younger. on another Side note this was the group my cute kids were in. Jacob was Alma the Elder and Hailey was the Angel. She told sister Christensen that "I should be the angel because that's what my mommy calls me"

The kids all did a great job. The Adults did a great job of helping the kids put their props together and making up lines. They had a great time. I just wish I would have gotten better pictures.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poor Boy

We went on a bike Ride to Lucinda's and about half way there I turned around and Jacob had fallen asleep.

Tramatic Bike experience

just had a traumatic bike experience. we rode to the other end of the neighborhood, As we are headed home it's getting dark and about 1/2 way home the chain falls off of Hays bike. Do you think any of the dozens of cars that passed us stopped an...d helped? NO! So I tried to fix the chain and had no idea what i was doing so called my friends hubby and he came and saved us. Thank you so much Brother Fish.

Monday, September 21, 2009


We went bowling with our friends Matt and Tammy and their little girl Maddie.

Me showing off my mad bowling skills. I really like to bowl, I'm just not very good at it. If I break 100 then I've had a great game. In fact this game. Hailey got a higher score then I did. But she got to use the gutter bumbers and Ryan wouldn't let me, so really she cheated.
Jacob showing off his mad skills. Good thing for gutter bumbers.

Hailey & Maddie

Matt and Ryan strutting their stuff. I felt bad Ryan asked me like 3 times to bring him a change of clothes. I even set them out, but I walked off with out them. He was super mad at me and I don't blame him, poor guy had to bowl in his work clothes.

My cute girl posing and Big Ben hanging out with daddy. He wasn't very happy that we wouldn't let him have a bowling ball.

The kids were hiding and the guys were pretending to be monsters that were trying to get them. so they were all screaming. it was like we had 6 children with us instead of just 4.

We ordered some sort of ice cream brownie dessert. Everyone had a bite or two and Ben ate the rest. He ate it with such gusto that his shirt was soaked in melted ice cream. We had to take his shirt off and let him run around shirtless. We had white trash baby.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chocolate covered boys

We had doughnuts for breakfast, the boys enjoyed them so much. My mom use to say you can tell when a little kids really enjoying something they eat by how much of it they get on their face.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I canned peaches this year. Bashas had them on sale, so i bought two cases and got busy. It was a lot of work But I was excited to add the Peaches to our food storage.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Down town Mesa

We went out with our friends Matt and Tammy and their little girl Maddie. We went and had Mexican Hot dogs which look really gross but they are so good. They are wrapped in bacon and then covered in everything. Beans, salsa, mayo, mustard, onions, guacamole. and tons of other stuff. I know it sounds gross but they are so good. Then we headed to down town mesa where there was a art festival thing going on. It was kind of a flop, but it didn't matter because we just had fun hanging out. If you've been to down town Mesa you know they have all these weird different statues. They kids decided to climb all over the polar bear.

Artist in training

Benners got a hold of one of the big kids pencils and drew all over my fridge. I started taking pictures to send to Ryan to show him what "his" son had done. Every time I snapped a picture the stinky little baby would say "cheese" So I snapped couple of the stinky little artist.