Saturday, September 26, 2009

Primary Activity

For our Quarterly Primary activity we did scripture in a bag. Which is we put together a bag full of house hold items and they had to make a skit out of them to go with a particular scripture. My pictures turned out really crummy. So sorry for the poor quality.

These are the groups putting their skits together.

Brother Morris & Brother Johanson's group did Danielle in the Lions Den.

Sister Potter and Sister Hansen's group did the story of Abinadi

Sister Evans and Sister Davenports group did David and Goliath

Sister Takahashi & Sister Winchell's group did Noah's ark

Sister Smith & Sister Milius's group did Joseph and his coat of many colors. On a side note this was the bag I put together. Do you like my towels and Hailey's head bands?

Sister Christensen's group did Alma the Younger. on another Side note this was the group my cute kids were in. Jacob was Alma the Elder and Hailey was the Angel. She told sister Christensen that "I should be the angel because that's what my mommy calls me"

The kids all did a great job. The Adults did a great job of helping the kids put their props together and making up lines. They had a great time. I just wish I would have gotten better pictures.


Carrie Allen said...

I wish I could have stayed and helped at this activity. It looks so cute!

Bonnie said...

I might have to steal/borrow some of your pictures of this activity!