Friday, October 31, 2008


Ben's Pumpkin Hailey's Pumpkin Jacob's Pumpkin

I love Halloween. I don't feel the need to dress up but i love to get the kids dressed up and take them to Halloween parties and trick or treating, I just love it. Growing up in Colorado we allways had to wear our coat over our costumes because it was usually snowing. Ok so thats one good thing about AZ weather it's warm enough in October to enjoy Halloween.
I let Jacob pick his own costume this year and he wanted to spiderman with muscles, and I couldn't find anything for Ben and as we were leaving he saw "baby superman" and i thought that was a great idea. and then he saw bat girl and he wanted me to buy it for Hay and I told him I would tell her but she got to pick her own costume, but she thoght bat girl was a great idea. So Jacob ended up picking everyones costume. I tried to talk her into being wonderwoman so they all 3 would be in red white and blue but she liked bat girl better. Jacob was so excited though he kept saying were all superhereos.

I took the boys to the sitter and then went to the school for the Halloween party and Parade. Hailey is allways asking me to come help in her class, and enjoy helping in her class but with the boys it makes it alittle difficult.

Then we came home thank goodness Daddy came home early and Aunt Mandy came over and we each helped carve pumpkins.

Hailey felt she was big enough to carve her own pumpkin. So she got a little help but for the most part she did her own and Jacob & Ben supervised theres being carved by Daddy, Mommy & Aun Mammy
Then it was off to trick or treat with Renee & Lucas. We went all the way down our street and back up the street on the other side and back to our house for Pizza. They got enough candy but being that every other house on our block is empty we had to walk all the way to hit enought houses, to get a good amount of candy.

Then we put the kids in the stoller and walked over to Grandma Jammies to trick or treat at her house.

Schnepf farms

I have always wanted to take the kids to Schnepf farms to the pumpkin festival but it never has worked out. Last year I had the horrible Migraines and was huge prego with Ben and the year before we had it all planned for family Home evening, got the kids all dressed and went over there and they are closed on Mondays. So we finally made it this year. The kids had a blast. We went with our neighbors the Davis Family. The kids had a ton of fun.

They got their faces painted

We ate dinner and the kids rode the Carousel and then we let the kids loose to play in the play area

They enjoyed the pig races, and they enjoyed petting the goats, You climb a latter and then slide into the goat pen. They also have this huge slide that you climb up this big hill and slide down . The kids loved that so much they did it 2 or 3 times. I even did it once with them. That's as exciting as I get. I hate rides and anything that goes around and around makes me sick to my stomach , I can't even ride on the Merry go round.

Renee and Ryan took the boys on the bee ride Hailey didn't want to go and Tim stayed back to hold baby Madi.

Ben was so good he sat in the car seat the whole time. The first hour or more he slept then I feed him his baby food and gave him his juice bottle but after that he just hung out talked to his toys and watched the people he's so cute.

He cracks me up when ever we are together and Baby Madi is crying he gives her this sideways look like what's the matter with you. I thinks he has forgotten that at that age he was a huge cry baby.

Just some cute kids I saw there. =)

Schnepf farm was a big hit. It had a different affect on different kids though one crashed, and one was all fired up and raring to go. Can you guess which one was which?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Am I fancy enough

Hailey can't wear her Halloween costume to school. If they want to dress up they have to be a character from a book, so she decided a while ago that she wanted to be fancy Nancy. And for those of you who have not read Fancy Nancy it's all about a little girl who spends her life in Dress up clothes. But Hailey was upset that she didn't have a feather boa. So today I found her one at walmart and we did a trial run. So you guys tell me is she fancy enough?

First steps

Ben has been standing for a little while but he wouldn't let go and walk but tonight he let go of one couch and took 2 or 3 steps to the other couch. He was so cute, but when we all got excited and cheered for him I think it scared him. We spent the next 3o minutes making him walk in between us.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Church Campout

We went on the church camp out this weekend. There were good times and there were bad. For the most part we had a good time. The night before we left we were talking about sleeping in a tent, and Jacob asked how we were going to watch cartoons? So daddy had to explain to him that there were no cartoons/TV at the campsite. Then The day of the camp out Hailey came and got in bed with us and said "mommy are we going camping today?" and I told her "yes" and she said "oh good, cause I told Ben we were going"

We are on the Activities committee so we were in charge of helping our friend Sarah who was in charge with what ever she needed. So poor Ryan ended up working his tail off while I mostly sat with the kids. But it all came together and the BBQ and talent show were great.

Ryan manning the grill, hanging out with Jacob

Our Friend David Playing the guitar and singing,
Bro. Allen,Bro. Morris,Bro. Worthington, Bishop Morris singing several church hymns

Ben decided to start cutting his first tooth on Friday so he was grouchy. So between people running past or tent until midnight, Ben crying every hour, and the 5 o'clock fishermen talking as loud as they could Ryan and I didn't get much sleep. Hailey of course slept through all of this but when at one point I woke up and Jacob was in Ben's play pen with him and they were playing with the toys so I rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up to the tent zipper, and I thought oh no Jacobs going out so I looked up and Jacob was coming back in the tent, and I realized oh my gosh he was outside all by himself, and then I realized he was not only outside alone for who knows how long, but he had also let the dog out so I had to go outside in my PJ's to find the dog.

But after that it was smooth sailing. We hung out around the tents and visited the guys played some horseshoes. Poor big Ben I kept him locked up in Baby jail. I let him down on the grass a couple of times but he only wanted to eat the sticks on the ground.
Ben O.& katie Christensen both Bititng the play pen. I'm not sure if they were trying to chew Ben to freedom or if it just tasted good, but either way I thought it was cute

a monkey in a tree, and a monkey stole my chair.

The big kids played in the iceeee cold lake both days they just loved it. They kept trying to get me to come in with them but it was to cold for me. Ryan did get in with them while Ben & I took a nap.
Chasing the Ducks

We didn't take our boat but the Evangelesta's did so the big kids and I hitched a ride while Daddy and Big Ben stayed back at camp. I'm not sure if they had more fun playing in the mud or on the boat. My camera died at this point so no more pictures

Addyson Evangelesta, Jacob & Hailey Owens playing in the mud
Ryan E. & Jacob O. they were so funny. this wasn't even attatched to a boat. They would take turns climbing in and pushing each other out into the lake, then they would pull it back in and go again.