Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Pagent

Went to the Easter Pageant with Ashley, Ryan and the kids tonight. Mandy was there too, but she was working so we didn't get to sit with her. I love having spiritual experiences with my kids. It was so packed,I had to park all the way down at the other end of the park and hike up to the Temple. It was great to see all those people there to enjoy the life of our Saviour and what he did for all of us. Ben was better then I thought he would be, he was really excited about everything that happened and kept screaming "Mommy Look" I worry a little about Jacob he is obsessed with death. I asked him what his favorite part was and he said "When Jesus died" he could probably see the shock on my face because he then chimmed in with "because he got to go back to heaven" Hailey said "I didn't like that part, I think it was sad" It's such a beautiful performance, I know Ben didn't get much out of it but I could tell the Big kids really got something spiritual out of it. I'm glad we could go as a family and help the kids in building there spiritual growth and testimonies.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fall/Spring garden

When I planted the spring garden I didn't pull all of the carrots because I didn't want them to be waisted so I only pulled one square at a time.


Today is Ryan and I's twelfth wedding Anniversary. Which means we've been together 14 years. I can't believe we've been together so long. It's crazy to me, that he has willingly put up with my craziness all this time. We are in the prime, of our marriage. We have 3 great kids. We both have good Jobs. We have busy callings in the church. And strong building testimonies. We have such crazy lives. Between kids, church and jobs we catch each other coming and going sometimes. I love this dear man, he's my best friend. Sometimes he makes me so crazy I want to beat him, but most of the time I just adore him. He is such a good father to our kids. I'm not sure how I got so lucky to be blessed with such a good husband and such a good dad for my kids. I think I can't love him anymore and then I see him doing something with one of our kids and it just touches my heart. I love our kids but sometimes I can't wait for the day that they are a little bigger and Ryan and I can have more time for me and him. I think I will have to keep him.

March 28 1998

March 28 2002-also our first Hospital trip with pre-term labor with Hailey

March 28, 2006

March 28, 2009 We actually got to get away for the weekend. We went up to Show low/ Snowflake area. We hadn't found out I had Celiacs yet so I was sick the entire time. But it was nice to get away for a couple of days.

Silly Baby

We loaned our carpet cleaner to Ashley. You know the joys of having a puppy. Well while we were watching they movie one of the dogs pottied on the floor so I had to borrow Renee's carpet cleaner. Which at the risk of sounding like a nerd it is Soooo cool. You put the water and soap in it, and then push the button and it does it's thing. I think it is so cool I must have one now. Ben liked it as much as I did, he would sit there and watch it and when one cycle would end he'd say "utoh" and then when the next cycle started he'd get all excited again. We had the wrong amount of Soap in it so we had to do it a couple of times and Ben just sat glued to it.

Ashley's Birthday

Ashley's has to share her Birthday weekend with our anniversary so Sam was nice enough to keep the kids for us so we could go to dinner for our anniversary, and then we met up with Jammie and the girls to go to the movies to celebrate our anniversary and her birthday. Then on Sunday Jammie made dinner at her house and we all went over to have a Birthday celebration.
We had home made Chicken and dumplings, and Jammie was nice enough to make me my own batch with gluten free noodles.

Hailey thought Aunt Ashley needed her help opening her presents.

Ashley has gotten the same ice cream cakes since she was a little girl. Jammie has to special order it now but she still gets the same cake.

Once again Hailey had to help Ashley, this time with blowing out the candles.

After dinner, and presents we went back to our house to watch a movie. Poor baby never woke up we just kept moving him from place to place. Ben really liked grandma Jammie as long as she kept the popcorn coming.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baptism Dress

We went shopping today for Hailey's Baptism dress. I asked her earlier if she wanted to go just me and her or if she wanted to take the Aunts and Grandmas, and one little girl cousin and have it be girls day. Of course she picked everyone. SO first we went to lunch at Chile's and then headed over to Burlington coat factory.

They had a big section of dresses. So we found a bunch, mommies only rule is it had to have sleeves or a pretty cover up.
Her and I went in to the dressing room and when we got ready to come out she told them get your cameras ready ladies.

when she came out every one ohhhhd and awwwd and she just ate it up. one time when we came out she said "aw clicking cameras is music to my ear.
When we were in the dressing room getting the last dress off Grandma Jammie told someone else they looked so Pretty. Hailey turns to me and says "who she talking to, I'm in here?" she was very offended. How dare grandma complement someone else.

And the winner is. This was the one she liked best. which made me happy because it was my favorite too.

Queen Creek Easter Egg Hunt.

We went to the Queen Creek Easter Egg Hunt. The kids were divided up into different age groups, So everyone went at a different time.

Benners was first. He had no idea what he was suppose to do. I pointed at an egg & he picked it up and threw it like it was a ball. I laughed at him then explained to him that he was suppose to put it in his basket.

Then he got the hang of it and just ran around picking them up as fast as he could

He did good until he realized there was candy inside the eggs and then he wanted me to "op" them all so he could get the candy out.

The big kids were so good for me. They sat against the fence and watched just like I asked them too.

We played at the playground until it was Jacob's turn to go.

Luckily Jacob didn't take much notice but there were sooooo many kids in his age group that he had to work quick for every egg. He only got half as many as Ben did but he was just excited to get one he got.

There weren't as many kids in Hay's age group, as I watched her I got sad because i realized it wouldn't be much longer until she was going to be to "big" for stuff like this.

Ryan met me there and took the boys home because we were going on girls date.
No trip is complete with a turn in the bounce house.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Park Day

This was Hailey last day of Spring Break I got brave and we rode our bikes to preschool and then Hay and Ben and I went to the Park. The wind was blowing really hard. I saw one of the other mom's as I was pedaling along. and she stopped and asked if I wanted her to take the boys on the rest of the way and I told her no I'll be OK. but as soon as she drove off I regretted it. I thought I was gonna die by the time I got to preschool I was so tired.

Cute boy

My friend Rachel has 3 little girls and she had to take one of them to the bathroom so she told the other one to watch the baby. So Hailey ran over there to "watch" the baby. Well her sister who is 3 was not to happy with that and she told Hailey Hay my mommy told me to watch her. Hailey thought she was big stuff though that she got to watch the baby

My friend sent me this picture of Ben she took at the park that day. Before everyone tells me how cute he is keep in mind he stole this bike from another child, and rode away as fast as he could.