Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Outback has great steak and a great Gluten free menu. And their staff is trained to help you make sure you get a gluten free meal. This is the first year I've got to spend my day with both of my siblings. The only thing that was missing was my 2 big nieces.

Me coloring with Valerie, Pappy(Kent), Uncle Bubbi (Jim), Hailey

I'm really not sure what these silly kids are doing but it's Jacob, Hailey, and Valerie.

My Jacob can be such a stink but he is never to busy to give me an extra birthday hug

Presents my favorite part!!! Jim gave me my yearly Renaissance festival mug, mom & dad gave me a 3 tier food holder which I love & a set of kitchen scissors, Sam & john gave me a Gift Card to come back to Out back, and Valerie made me a Beautiful card.

Hailey Hanging out with Uncle Bubbi. Who she loves and misses. So when he's here she can't get enough Uncle Bubbi time.

I'm not sure but some how I always get stuck at the kids table.

Pappy and Hailey being goofy.

The Waitress was nice enough to take a picture of all of us.

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Carrie Allen said...

Happy late Birthday Vicki!!!