Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wild Men

We love the Wild Men or as Hailey calls them the Mud Men. They are so funny. When we got to the stage there was 3 men and a drum of something like that. The were interesting but not near as good. They start the show by pulling guys out of the audience and the three guys try out for who should be the wild man. Somehow the guy from the show always wins. =)

They do lots of funny stuff, play in the mud and say lots of funny stuff. It is so worth it. It is a must see.

Ryan, Jacob, Ben, Grandma Carol

Ben, Jacob, Grandma Carol, Grandma Jammie, Steve, Mammy, Lisa, Ashley and Ben trying to steal Aunt Mammy's Italian Ice.

Sam, Valerie, John, Pappy, Jim

Hailey, Mandy, Ben, Jacob, Grandma Carol, Me and Ben

Sam, Valerie, John

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