Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I work late at the office on Tuesday Nights. I was wrapping up the evening and Ryan called and said "I'm going to have to take this boy to the hospital" and I said "Oh no what happened to Ben" He said "no it's actually Jacob" We always thought Ben would be our first hospital visit, he's such a monkey.

He then explained to me that Jacob knocked the pull up bar he has hanging in his office door off the door and it fell and hit him right on the head and it was bleeding like crazy. So I asked my boss where the best emergency room was to go to and he gave me an urgent care down the road and Ryan threw the kids in the car and I ran out the door and we met at the urgent care. My poor baby he was so upset. And I was super worried about him. He started falling asleep which worried me because I was afraid he had a concussion. So I gave him Ryan's IPhone to play with.

When we finally got back to see the Dr. Jacob was fine as long as we let him play with Ryan's phone. He was funny he cried and cried and Ryan had to hold him down, when they cleaned it off, but when they started sticking him with the needle and putting staples in his head he never made a peep. The Dr's decided they needed IPhone to entertain all of their little patients.

So six staples later his head was all put back together. They gave us a prescription for Tylenol with codeine because they said he was really going to need it. SO I went and had it filled but the next morning I asked him if his head hurt and he wanted some and he said no his head didn't hurt and he didn't want it.

It healed up nicely and a few days later when I took Jacob back to get the staples removed. This time I gave him my IPhone to play with and he was super good. He sat there while they checked it , said it was good, and then started pulling out the staples. He never made a peep until they started applying some cream and then he started screaming and I had to hold him down. Funny boy.

On a side note this is what fell on his head.

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