Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring training Game

Every year we get to go to A Spring Training Baseball game. The company We get our dental Supplies from puts it on every year. They have a free BBQ before the game, and they'll let you get as many tickets as you want, so I got 8 5 for my family and 3 for Sam's family. But then I realized Ben didn't need a ticket so I told Ryan we could give Nate the other ticket. Well Nate wanted to bring little Nate so I called and got another ticket.

And yes I'm a bad Mom and I let my kids ditch school so they can go. The kids had a blast chasing each other around on this little green belt. I know Hailey looks a little strange she has been pretending for the last week that she's a Velociraptor. And for those of you who don't know it's a small dinosaur that has short arms" So she runs around in this weird way making this horrible squelching noise.

We Had hamburgers and hot dogs.

This is the only picture I got of Dr. Barber because I ditched out early and Dr. Erskine couldn't come at all.

John & Valerie

Sam and her daughter Chelsie, Nate, Ryan, John, Jacob Valerie, and Sam

All Three of my cute guys. Jacob, Ben & Ryan.

a somewhat good picture of me and my cute Hailey girl.

Ben & Valerie eating the left over salt from Aunt Sam's Pretzel.

The actual Ball game. I can't tell you who was playing and since we got boared we left early. and our seats this year weren't great it was hard for the kids to see what was going. in fact we were way into the First inning and Hailey asked when is the game gonna start. So I had to point out to her that we were in front of the infield that the action was going on to our Left.

Poor Babies they were so pooped.

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