Saturday, March 20, 2010

Art and Danny party

Every year when Jim comes we have a party with our friend Art & his girlfriend Debbie that live across the street from my parents and our friend Danny & His girlfriend Delana and her kids who live in Surprise that Sam and I have been friends with since I was 13, and our cousin Evan his wife Danielle and their boys.
Ryan and I were still at Nathans party when people started arriving. So I jokingly told mom and Sam that I was worried about leaving them that I wasn't sure they could be trusted to get the party started. But they did OK.

Logan, Valerie, Dylan, and Ben playing in the backyard.

Ben is such a funny baby. He's not real friendly with strangers, he can even be unfriendly with members of his family. He's just a fickle baby. But he took a liking to Art. Which is just fine with me because I love Art a lot I call him my tall dark and handsome step-brother. He has been there for my parents when they needed stuff. Ryan and Jim hanging out.

Delana and her kids, Evan, Danielle, and baby Dylan

It's not just Ben my kids all have a liking for Art. Jacob is trying to get Art to help him fix his new Star wars toy. Art tried his best to fix it but no luck.

Jim, Danny, Ryan, & John picking the buffet clean. Carol(Mom), Debbie, Art, Valerie, Kent(Dad), Sam, Me Hanging out.

Mom and Dad had a kick ball that was half deleted and the kids started putting it on every ones head like a hat.

John and Vicki(me)

Sam & Valerie and Pappy(Kent)

Cute Jacob Boy

Benners likes pretty girl. Delana and Danny

Mom and Debbie, Delana, Danny and the kids.

Hailey likes Danny I think there on the same maturity level that's why they get along so well,

Hailey and her new favorite toy her zhu-zhu's

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