Saturday, March 27, 2010

Queen Creek Easter Egg Hunt.

We went to the Queen Creek Easter Egg Hunt. The kids were divided up into different age groups, So everyone went at a different time.

Benners was first. He had no idea what he was suppose to do. I pointed at an egg & he picked it up and threw it like it was a ball. I laughed at him then explained to him that he was suppose to put it in his basket.

Then he got the hang of it and just ran around picking them up as fast as he could

He did good until he realized there was candy inside the eggs and then he wanted me to "op" them all so he could get the candy out.

The big kids were so good for me. They sat against the fence and watched just like I asked them too.

We played at the playground until it was Jacob's turn to go.

Luckily Jacob didn't take much notice but there were sooooo many kids in his age group that he had to work quick for every egg. He only got half as many as Ben did but he was just excited to get one he got.

There weren't as many kids in Hay's age group, as I watched her I got sad because i realized it wouldn't be much longer until she was going to be to "big" for stuff like this.

Ryan met me there and took the boys home because we were going on girls date.
No trip is complete with a turn in the bounce house.

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