Saturday, March 6, 2010

Soccer Banquet

I'm so glad Soccer is over. She ended up really enjoying it so that was good. They had an award ceremony for each age group. She was really excited to get her trophy.

                                                                 My cute soccer girl

This was Hailey's team. They were the cardinals.

After Hailey got her trophy she had to stay up on stage so the boys were super bored. And we were having a hard time keeping them entertained. Jacob spent the time taking pictures with My camera.

and Ben spent his time throwing himself on the floor and making me chase him.

After the big group picture was taken the kids got Pizza. Since I couldn't have that we let the kids eat it and Ryan and I went to get something to eat after. I was super annoyed because Hailey couch made them get at the very end of the huge line, even though they were really in the middle he made them wait until everyone else had gone before they could get in line to get there pizza. Then they waited all that time and I heard someone say they were out of pizza so I ran over there and Hailey was getting the last two pieces of pizza. I knew she wasn't going to eat both pieces so I gave one to each kid and had them go sit down. There was no way I was waiting there for them to get more pizza, or tell my 5 year old he didn't get any pizza. I'm not sure were gonna do the town of Queen Creek again. They have week night games which I don't know about other families but it made it really hard on our family. In fact I missed all the Tuesday night games because I was still at work. Well one more sport season done.

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