Thursday, March 11, 2010


Renee wanted to can Salsa but she needed to barrow my pressure caner to do so. So I decided to be brave and can Salsa again. I love My sister in law Mandy's salsa recipe. But you know me I have a million things going on in one day. We went on the field trip all day, then went to Renee's to work on canning. We had Piano lessons at 5, which I forgot, a going away party for our friends from church the Moore's, and then my Presidency meeting, then I came home and finished canning my salsa. I made 2 great big huge batches one Medium heat and chunky because that's how I like it and one thin and Hot cause that's how Ryan likes it. This is just My Chunky Medium. I still have all of Ryan's to do but I ran out of jars. I need to work on my exact recipe, it's got a little too much Lime in it but if you don't put enough lime it goes bad. It's a work in progress.

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