Monday, March 8, 2010

Dino Cottage Fair

Hailey's cottage fair this activity was Dinosaur Dig. They have been learning about Dino's. She has been super cute and excited to come home and tell us what she learned. Ryan wasn't feeling good so he and Ben stayed home. But Hailey invited Aunt Sam, Uncle John, Valerie, and Grandma Carol to come with us.  They were good sports and came with us which meant a lot to Hailey.


Hailey's Dino was Camptosaurus. Her and Ryan and I researched the Dino for her report. Then she got to pick what she wanted to do and she wanted to make a diorama. He took Dino stuff we already had and then her and Ryan made a Dino and tree and sun and her and I made a nest with eggs that I'm very annoyed to say someone stole while there projects were in the Library.

She was so proud to be our tour guide. She made me go around with her so she could tell me what each one was.

They wrote letters and made a dinosaur.

The cottage fair had a night at the museum theme

                                                             Our little tour guide

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