Friday, December 31, 2010

May be not the best choice

The overwhelming urge to blow my nose overtook me, that might have been a mistake. Because now I'm in sooooooo much pain

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas/Church Clothes

My sweet babies in front of the Christmas tree.

Hailey 8 1/2
Jacob almost 6
Ben 3

and now My Christmas Babies through the years.
2009 Hailey 7 1/2, Jacob almost 5, Ben 2

2008-Hailey 6 1/2, Jacob almost 4 Ben 1--2007Hailey-5 1/2, Jacob almost3, Ben 3 weeks

2006Hailey4 1/2, Jacob almost 2

2005Hailey 3 1/2, Jacob almost 1, -2004--Hailey--2 1/2

2003-Hailey 19 months------------2002-Hailey-7 months

Nose Surgery

we got up and took the kids to our friends the Webbs down the street who were sweet enough to keep the kids for us while I had my surgery. I had mixed emotions I wanted to have the surgery so I could start to feel better and not be sick all the time, but I really didn't want to be put under and I really didn't to have surgery. So to make it worse when we got there they were running behind so were sat there for ever, and when they wheeled me into the surgery room I did what I usually do I started to cry.

The surgery went well she fixed my septum, roto rootter my turbinates,debritated my sinus, while she was in there she also found there was a on sinus that she had to remove. And luckily she didn't have to pack my nose with gauze I just have a gauze mustache. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Probably won't be posting much or having much going on in the next couple of weeks just trying to heal up. Hopefully me kids and husband will survive without me.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

It's a good thing my kids are adjustable and go with the flow because we do Christmas differently depending on who we spend Christmas with. Like this year was an Owens Christmas So we opened everything on Christmas morning so Christmas Morning they get up to their couple of Santa presents and their Stockings setting out on the couch.

Santa and his Reindeer enjoyed their treats and Aunt Ashley and mammy and their Puppies.

Hailey is my kid that only asks for one item every year she never has a huge list like most kids and this year it was an easy bake oven. But Santa came through.

Santa also brought her a puppy.

I'm not sure what she has but she's excited. Jacob excited about his orange. I'm a bad mom i didn't take one picture of Ben opening his stocking. Not only did he like everything in his stocking he wanted everything in everyone else's stocking too.

Jacob was very excited about his Lego's

Santa leaves the kids a special present and leaves the kids a clue on the tree. and they have to find it. This year it was a new Bike for Hailey and a new stride ride for the boys to share.

Another tradition Ryan brought is they always had Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas morning. So next it was Time for Cinnamon Rolls

Then we went over to Jammie's to exchange presents. I was to busy watching everyone open presents so I didn't take a lot of pictures but I did take a few.

Jammie's little tree surrounded, Mammy opening something

Mammy and dogs and Hailey and Jacob.

Mammy, Ashley, Ryan, Jacob, and Ben

Ben, Grandma Jammie and Jacob.

Jacob and his Jersey and Jammie.

Hailey baking us up a gluten free goody.

My 4 little kids Playing Ben's new Batman Cave.

Aunt Ashley bought the kids a play house that you draw on they loved it. They had to section it so everybody had a side so we didn't have fighting.