Monday, December 13, 2010

The day from Hell

1:05am I am so tired I want to go to sleep, but I realized in the craziness of this weekend I forgot to change the laundry out and if I don't stay up until the washer finishes no one will have any clean underwear tomorrow. Do you think they really need clean underwear or could they live with out it just one day?
3:12am Got the laundry changed out and thought the hallway smelled funny but with 3 kids and a dog there's always some kind of off odor. Turned off all the lights and headed for bead an heard "I threw up" Uggggg you've got to be kidding me. I've been up for 2 hours waiting on laundry she had to wait right for the moment I was headed to bed. Are you kidding me???
8:38am And now Jacob's throwing up, it's gonna be a long day! 12:00pm And now I'm sick too, I haven't thrown up yet but every time I stand up I feel like I'm going to. I'm so week :( good thing my kids love the TV.
So far Ben & Ryan have not been affected anyone who is a prayer could you please pray for our leper colony!!
11:59pm I woke up to the sound of throwing up and thought Oh crap who now, and it was Ryan. Crap now everyone but the baby is sick.

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