Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gateway Dental Care Christmas Party

The office Christmas party this year was at Oreganos. It rained like Crazy so we got stuck at 3 different tables which made it kind of hard to visit with everyone but luckily I got to sit with my girls Sam and Suzy. So that made it OK.

Dr. Erskine and his wife Sheri, Dr. Barber, Katie and her Date. Suzy and Sam and April.

Amanda and her Boyfriend Derek, Joyce (Dr. B's wife) Dr. Erskine and Sheri, Katie, Amanda(Martini) and her boyfriend Stan, Wendy and her husband Dave.

Yadi and her Husband, Dr. Erskine and Sheri. Myrna and her husband Frank, Amanda and her boyfriend Derek, April.

Joyce, Katie and her date, Dr. Barber. Suzy and Sam.

Me and Ryan. Help he's attacking me!!!

We do a gift exchange where everyone brings a gift of the same price and everyone draws a number and the person with #1 picks a gift and then #2 either steals that gift or picks a new gift and it keeps going until everyone has a gift. Dr. Barber stole my gift. so I had to steal someone else's. Then we also all pitched in and got the Dr's gifts to a dinner theater from us girls.

It was a good time. the dinner made me sick. But we still had a good time having a night out with out the kids.

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