Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good and Bad

Good and Bad day. I don't have enough Christmas cards,and the ones I choose I can't order in the store, and I can't get more in time to mail them so if I want to mail to everyone on my list I'll have to pick another one which doesn't make me happy. My address book missing, because I need my husband to restore it from when my computer got fixed. We sang in the Ward Choir today for the Christmas program I thought we did great, the kids sang also,but being that we were up on the stage already Jammie was tending the kids and Ben was not happy that we left him so she was in the hall with him and when the kids were called up on stage Jacob refused to go and Hailey was doing her best to get him to go up on stage but he wouldn't so I had to leave my seat and go down and get him and make him go up on stage with him yelling I hate singing I don't want to go up there. He's so embarrassing. The Bishopric and Elder Quorum did a play for the Primary and Ryan played King Benjamin,and Ben said to me Daddy being King Ben Ben, when I went to give my nursery lesson I realized I had accidental deleted my ITunes library when I tried to update my address book with my phone so I had no Christmas music to play for them, all my kids have done is faught all day. ugh!!

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