Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hailey and Celiacs Disease

We received Hailey's test results back and The Dr. said her intestinal tissues show differences compared to normal tissue, which are consistent with Celiacs Disease. Because of these results and the fact that I have it too, she said there is a strong likelihood that Hailey has Celiacs as well. She wants us to take her off of the gluten for 2 months and if it helps her problems then we have our answer. So Hailey will be eating a Gluten free diet with me for the next 2 months. We were going to wait until after Christmas but while she was sick with the stomach bug we gave her gluten a couple of times and it made her so much sicker. So I have 2 favors to asks 1 that you be sensitive to what you say to her yes some of the gluten free food does not taste good, but she is stuck eating it she does not need reminded it does not taste as good as what you have. and 2 if you could be sensitive to her needing special items. I would hate for her to have to sit and watch everyone eat a cupcake or eat cookies while she has nothing. I usually have some kind of gluten free goodies in my freezer and I can also go to Fry's or the gluten Free store if you let me know what you have planned. If you could keep our sweet girl in your prayers I hope this is an easy transition. She is very sad that she can't have Grandma Noodles (Ramon Noodles) but she is very happy that she never has to eat Pizza again. I will keep you up to date on how it goes. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them. I am open about the subject.

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