Saturday, December 4, 2010

Marley Farms

We had Ben's birthday party at Marley farms this year. This is his first Birthday party and a mom in Hailey's class mentioned it so I looked into it and it was right up his alley. They had animals to pet and feed, pony rides. They had some other options of stuff you could do but each option cost you so I just opted for pony rides.
he loved this Kangaroo or wallabee or whatever it was he fallowed it up and down.

With our Birthday package the kids all got bags of feed to feed the animals with. They loved it. Hailey and Jacob feeding the animals

Ben loved it. He kept wanting to feed more animals.

They had a pin of goats and lamas that was fun. The kids loved that Hailey playing with the goats with Brooklyn and Jake Shelley.

They have goat tubes the boys thought they great fun. I'm not sure what nick was up too, but his face looks like he's up to something.

I'm not sure why Clint is chasing a Lama but he is Crazy man!!!

Clint's wife had to work so I got to sling baby Ryder I was super excited. Since I don't have a baby to sling anymore I have to steal other people's. I'm not sure why Ben Allen is upset but he sure is.

I thought Ben was jealous that I had another Baby. So I got down to talk to him and then I realized he just wanted to see him and talk to him and then he was fine as long as he can see him.

More goats and boys. Luke thinks he's a goat.

Jacob boy really thinks he's a goat.

More boys that think their goats. and Nate peed his pants, no not really it's water.

I think our cupcakes came out pretty cute. I love this picture of him he looks so proud of himself like look what i did.

Make a wish Ben!!!

He loved the pony rides. He would say I'm a cowboy. I'm woody.

My Hailey and Ben

Hailey and Ben Owens, & Nate Crane.

another turn for Ben and Brianna Crane

Cole Fish and one of the Makayla Wright

Clint's little boy and

Valerie Rohwer & Jake Shelly

Maddi Moo and Luke Davis

Kaitlyn Fish and one of the Wright Girls

Jacob and Hailey

Present Time


Poo Pah & Tasha sent him this out fit and it was so stinking cute. and he wouldn't let us take it off all night. &gt

I had a small problem with some of the teenage help. I kept haveing to track them down. But the kids had such a good time and Ben really enjoyed his first Birthday party.

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