Thursday, December 9, 2010

Putting up the tree

Mom found this in Eva Mae's Ceramic shop and she brought it back for me. I don't need anymore Christmas decorations but I had mentioned one time that I have always wanted one. So I found room for it.

Christmas is favorite time of year and I like to put my tree up as soon as possible. If it was up to me we would put it up the day after Thanksgiving but Ryan always drags his feet and with Ben's birthday we usually don't get it up until after Ben's birthday.

My babies working hard at putting up the decorations. I just let them do there thing and after they go to bed I declump it a little.

Jacob boy putting on decorations. Hailey girl putting on the star. We had a little fight over who was going to put the star on, but Hailey won.

We had a few mis haps but we finally got it up they were so excited.

Jacob is so funny he didn't mind being in the picture with Hailey he just didn't want her hugging him.

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