Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bishopric Dinner

Ryan is the executive Secretary in our Ward. For my non Mormon friends our church is run all by volunteers. we don't have minsters we have Bishops and they volunteer their time too. and Ryan is the Bishops Secretary he keeps track of his meeting schedules when he's suppose to be where, and who he's meeting with when and what he needs to talk about at what meeting, If people want to meet with the bishop they have to call Ryan to set it up, if the bishop wants someone to come in so he can ask them to do a job Ryan calls them. He has other responsibilities. But that's the ones I can think of right now. So every year at Christmas time The Bishop and his lovely wife put on a Bishopric Christmas dinner. It is so nice. Great food, and great company and no kids for a whole evening.

other members of the Bishopric. Brother and Sister Stallings, Brother and Sister McGee, Sister Miller, Brother and Sister Morris.

Brother and Sister Stanley, Bishop Miller and Brother Ballingham and Ryan.

After dinner we play the fun steal a gift game. Supper fun.

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