Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jacob 6yr, Ben 3yr, Christmas pics

This is going to be a very long post. I had the fabulous Ruth Nickle do Ben's 3 year old pictures Jacob's 6 year old pictures and the kids Christmas card pictures.

Could these secret agents be any cuter.

Kiss the baby!!!

Cute girl had to get in on the act.

These were the pictures I used on the Christmas card. I just loved them.

I Love these 2 Bubbi Kissing Sissy, Sissy kissing Baby

I also used this one on the card.

Here's my Birthday boys being crazy.

The many faces of Jacob.

I want to be up there too.

Now that I"m up here someone get me down it's scary up here.

More of the many faces of Jacob.

These are his politician Face.

I love them all but I think these might be my favorite.

My baby is a big boy.

He looks annoyed.

Here's my little cowboy.

My cowboys

This is where it turned south Hailey started to cry I wasn't very kind I tought she just was feeling left out because the shoot was mostly about the boys I told her to suck it up. (Turns out she actually had strep throat)

Boys with the cool old truck. I thought my dad (pappy) would really enjoy pictures of the kids next to the old truck.

They were so cute chaseing each other. Ruth was trying to get a picture of just there feet but I guess It must not have come out.

I also had Ruth snap some shots of me and the kids for me Ryan fcor Christmas.

Sorry I know this was really long but I love all of the pictures Ruth took and I couldn't decide witch ones to use and not use so I used them all.
My mom met me there and Helped me wrangle the kids it was so nice to have the help.

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Anonymous said...

did you ever get these up on snapfish? i can't find the link and i need them for my wall!