Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welch Family Christmas Party

We had our Welch Family Christmas Party. It didn't go so well. We had it early in the day so that we could go to our Ward's Christmas party. So the day started that mom wasn't feeling good and I told her to suck it up and get over here.

Jacob was so excited when Pappy got there with present he let him put them under the tree. He thought he was big stuff . He made lovely huge tower piles.

We had our "Christmas Eve" pot luck wings, soup, cheese, meat tray, lots of good stuff. and then the guys went out to hang up my Christmas lights. Getting Ryan to hang my Christmas lights is like pulling teeth. Some years I have to start them and hang until I can't reach because I'm too short and then leave the lights hanging and that drives him crazy so then he'll finish it. So This year. I got him to do it because my dad and Evan were here to help him do it. To help the light putting up along Danielle and I went out and started putting up the ground stuff so we could get to present opening. I had just told Ryan we needed to get on to the presents so we could get to the Ward party when we hear a strange noise and then a car alarm and crying. So I start towards the front of the house to see what's going on. and Jacob and has driven he and Valerie into no under the front of Even truck. by the time I got to the front of the house Evan had gotten to them and pulled them out. Jacob has spend enough time with him over the years that he would let him comfort him, But Valerie wouldn't let him comfort her and he was worried that she had hurt her foot because it was twisted when he got to them. So I started to comfort her I pulled her hair out of her face and when I did I see this HUGE goose egg on her forehead from where she hit the front of the truck. At this point I freak out and rush her in to her parents. Who then rushed her to urgent care. So Poor Valerie has decided she wasn't riding with Jacob any more and in the urgent care all day. We missed the Ward party

Dano, dad and I took a nap while we waited for them to get back from urgent care.

Baby Dylan patiently waiting , and let the presents begin.

My bighunk likes big Hunks and he is really hard to shop for so Grandma Carol wrap some up for Christmas.

We have a tradition in our family called Mr. X I'm not exactly sure where it started but I know it passed down from my dad from his mom that if my grandma Nona had one to many presents instead going out and buying another present for the other kid she would mark the odd present from Mr. X. My parents changed it just a little and as we have become older we changed it again now we all take 3 or 4 people and spend 5-10 dollars on each other it nothing fancy just something simple and fun. Like my cousin Evan loves Peanut butter M&M's so if I get his names I get him 2 big bags of those. His wife loves snow men so if I get her name I get her anything with a snowman like 2 years ago walmart had cloth picture frames that looked like snow man were holding them. So this year I had my sister Sam and she loves nutcrackers. When I went up to Book mans to look for a particular book series for Hailey I saw this Nutcracker now a nutcracker is not in my Mr X Budget but because book mans has a small second hand section. and was in good condition she got it.

I love Ohenry bars but for some reasons they don't sell them down here you can only get them in Colorado and northern New Mexico. So my mommy loves my and gave me some for Christmas.

Dano this is what you get for making faces at us instead of smiling pretty for the camera.

My pretty niece Valerie doesn't look like all the blond hair blue eyed princess's so she will tell you she looks like Jasmine and when I saw this Jasmine doll I though of her and decided she looked like a big girl doll and Valerie needed her.

Ben, Valerie, Dylan, Jacob, Logan, Hailey. The 5 youngest grand kids were only missing Jim's 2 girl's.

It's not a Welch family activity if there's not some kind of excitement.

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