Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

When we lived in Safford and we spent Christmas with Ryan's side we would always go over to Ryan extended families house and have a Mexican dinner. It was always a lot of fun. So we have kind of kept that tradition from Ryan's side and I make green chili and Ryan's mom and Sister's come over The kids and I spent most of the day making sugar cookies. even though Hailey and I can't have them Hailey still wanted to decorate them. My mom does this with them a lot of years but she wasn't here so I had to do it. But being around all this flour stressed me out it gave me anxiety. I told my mom she had to do it from now on, it was to much for me.

our finished cookies. The kids really had a good time. We had put the ginger bread house together but we hadn't decorated it yet, so after dinner Aunt Ashley and Grandma Jammie helped the decorate it while Aunt Mammy helped me wrap presents.

I think the finished project looked great.

I buy the kids special Christmas Eve Jammie's every years. Hailey and I saw these "elf" ones in a magazine and her and I decided to get them. They came with iron on names but when I tried to iron it on no matter how many times I did it they never stuck so I picked it off. but they still looked like cute little elf's. They do make me laugh. I only put the good ones but I had to take 11 pictures to get these 3 good ones.

My cute elf's with cookies for Santa.

Then we went out and looked at lights. We went around to a bunch of neighborhoods and we had a great time. There was this great house with a gazillion lights and they even had a Santa out front.

When we came back I still had all the presents to wrap and half way through I ran out tape so first I tried to go to the store nope they were all closed. Then I posted on face book and sent out a couple of texts and my wonderful sister got back with me and she saved me and ran to her house and stole her tape and then went back and finished in the really late, then I had to make the cheesecakes for tomorrow's dinner. So i didn't get to bed until like 4am and I know the kids are going to be up early excited to See what Santa has brought.

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