Friday, December 3, 2010

My Baby is 3

I can't believe my baby is 3. How did that happen. I don't like it. He loves his boots and hat he'll tell me when we're getting dressed I want to be a Kowboy. and since he has several pairs of boots if I don't get out the correct pair I get in trouble and he'll go get the pair he wants and tell me "no mommy this pair of Kowboys"

I love this baby He is so stinking cute!!! He drives me crazy!!!!! He's like Dr. Jakel and Mr. Hyde. when it's just me and him he is sweet and cute and we have few problems. But when the big kids are home he is like a little Tasmanian Devil! Hitting,pulling hair, pinching, tackling. He's such a monster.

No one ever believes me when I tell them though they always say to me but he's so little and so cute. But he's freakishly strong for his size. If he gets one of the big kids down on the ground I have to go save them because they won't be able to get away from him on their own.

but he is so funny. It's so hard to be mad at him. He refuses to eat most of the time. He mostly survives on cheese and milk and juice and crackers. Most meat he refuses in the last couple of months he has taken a liking to Bologna and hot dogs. I'm not really sure you can call those meat but it's something else he'll eat. One night at dinner. Ryan put the food on his plate and set it in front of him and Ben looked at it and and said I'm full. For selfish reason's I'm glad he is so little still being that he is our last baby. I get to keep him small and cute.

This is Ben on his 2nd Birthday

This is Ben on his 1st Birthday--a side note he refused to eat the cake every time I tried to putting his hands in it would get so mad.

This is Ben at 3 Months old. He was the cutest Baby. He was always so little and bald.

This was Ben's first days of life. He was so little. I know you always say that when you have a newborn but he was my littlest baby.

I found this note in my email that I sent out from the hospital. Benjamin Warren Owens has Arrived December 3 2007 8:39pm 6lbs 1.3 oz 19 inches long. Once they induced me it only took him 6 hours to get here. He's very cute and a very calm baby they were having trouble getting him to cry. He just wanted to lay there in the heater. He is breathing a little funny so they have him in nursery monitoring his breathing and he is already starting to nurse. Will send Pictures when we get home. They have Internet here in the room which is really cool. Love, Vicki, Ryan, & Ben

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