Thursday, September 30, 2010


Our Jacob boy had his tonsils and adenoids out. I have had a very hard time with this. At first I was OK with it, but the more I got to thinking about it the more it made me uncomfortable with the thought of them putting my baby out and removing parts of his body. And the side effects that could have happen, it was scaring me. When I woke up this morning I was so sick to my stomach, and had such bad anxiety when we got there I told Ryan I didn't want to do it I wanted to take my baby an d go home. But my very smart husband talked me down and we took him back to the pre-op room we had to have him go to the bathroom and change into a gown. Well my Jacob boy does not like to be told to go to the bathroom so he got really mad. But by the time he went potty and we got his clothes changed he was fine. So we went and sat in this little space with a curtain, and waited, Jacob played on the IPhone and we spent time just the three of us. I was doing fine until Jacob climbed over in my lap and we could hear this other little boy screaming, I started to get weepy so it was a good thing he was in front of me and couldn't see me, then the nurse came in and let Jacob pick his scent for his mask, more waiting and then the Dr. and anesthesiologist came and talked to us and he took my baby by the hand and took away to be operated on, as soon as he walked around the corner I burst into tears. And Ryan comforted me and assured me it would be alright.

Then we went back out to the waiting room and waited some more, I went next door to the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions Ryan poked his head in to say he was done, so we headed back in and stood in the recovery room waiting and we could hear Jacob screaming but we didn't know where he was. That's when Jacob got a little anxiety and was upset because we could hear our baby screaming but we had know idea where he was. Finally a nurse came and got us and we followed her and Jacob was screaming and thrashing around and the nurse had a hold of him and he was trying his hardest to get away from her and hit her screaming I want my mommy with this scared look on his face. When he saw me I reached for him and the nurse let go and he just continued to scream and scream. SO the nurse told me to sit down on the bed with him. So I layed down with him and he would every couple of minutes sit up an Scream "I don't want to be here" "I want to go home" " I don't like it here" he would pull his heart thing off his thumb try to take his bandage off, When Ryan helped him get a drink he grabbed the cup and squeezed it and then when she brought a Popsicle he was mad cause it was the wrong color. and took one bite and hit me with it, Then fell asleep on my chest. He slept for about 30-45 minutes and then woke up and was a happy little boy again.

When the nurse told him she was going to take out his IV he wasn't to excited about that but we told him that meant we could go home, and I suggested a movie, but I couldn't think of one off the top of my head so daddy suggested star wars. So he decided to let her mess with it. He kept calling the nurse Dr. he told her "Dr. I wish you could come home with us" "Dr. I wish you were part of our family" we went over his discharge info and got him dressed and he stood up on the bed and I was afraid he was going to fall and then he jumped in the nurses arm and gave her a big hug and told her "I love you" We took him home and put him to bed in our bed. He again was unhappy because daddy promised him star wars. But within minutes he was back asleep. Poor baby he has either slept or thrown up all day. I got the on call Dr. to prescribe him a anti-nausea medicine.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jacob First cottage Fair Video

I loved this little presentation they did.

Jacob's Cottage fair

This was Jacob's first cottage fair. I was so excited for him for it that we scheduled his tonsil surgery around it. I didn't want him to miss his first cottage fair and I'm so glad we did because they did this little presentation. It was so cute.

Jacob's self portrait.

Hailey's cottage Fair

Hailey's first cottage fair as a 3rd grader was all about reptiles.

her poem about her.

her water painted snake.

her clay frog and her reptile poem

her poem about a crocodile and her book report.
she was very proud of her nice hand writing.

one of my normal crazy days

‎4 hours of sleep last night, got the kids to school and sitter, went to Physical Therapy, went to the store, Made dinner for the missionaries, picked up for miss Betty to come, colored Jammies hair, worked for 4 hours, so I am going to reward myself and go to bed early tonight.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jacob soocer game.

Jacob scored a goal at the game today. We were so proudof him. and He was so proud of himself.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shooo Fly

How cute is this stinking baby. I taught the kids this song and he does it so cute. I could just eat him up.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eating Gluten

I'm so mad at myself right now. I have spent the last 6 months reading every label before I eat. Well my stupid sweet tooth got the better of me popped a new butterfingers snackers in my mouth and think hum that taste different, so pop another one in my mouth and then look at the ingredients, second ingredient "wheat flour" so now I will be sick for the next 4 days for 2 little pieces of candy. "I hate you gluten"

2nd riding lesson

I took my camera today and I took a bunch of pictures and I'm gonna make some flip charts to help Hay memorize her steps.

Hay doing her chore Mrs. Emily thinks it's important that the kids learn that not only are horses are fun but they also are work too, which I think is great. and getting ready to catch her horse.

We thought his mask was funny, she actually having a little conversation with him their so he knows she's there. So she didn't startle him before she started taking his mask off and putting his halter on.

Hay & Mrs. Emily brushing down PJ.

Picking his feet. I love this one of my little bitty girl with his big foot. Look at her go.

She's so proud of herself leading him.

She's doing a really good job. Now if I could get her to ignore the flies and focus on the lesson we'd be doing good.

My future house

in my dreams. On my way to Physical therapy I saw this house so on my way home I stopped and took a picture of it and sent it to Ryan and told him I wanted it this for our next house. A girl can dream can't she.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ben Potty Milestone

Was so excited yesterday marked Ben's milestone of going a whole week with no accidents, and I was going to post it, then he was at my friends house & he stood there and peed his pants grrrrrr!!!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jacob's 1st Soccer

Jacob had his first soccer game I thought he did pretty good.

he wasn't the fastest but he wasn't the slowest.
He tended to hang bag and see what the ball was going to do before trying to go for it instead of charging for it like everyone else. He also ran up and down the field and participated unlike another person in our family that at his age when she was his age stood on the field and cried because she didn't want to play. But I won't name names and embarrass her.

He kicked the ball a few times and almost got it to the goal.

But the other team had this HUGE girl on their team I swear she was like 18 and she scored like 20 goals and she was much faster then our little kids. The kids kept saying she's just so fast or she's so big. Well after the game we were talking to one of the sister's on our ward that has kids on that team and come to find out that girl is actually 6 and the rest of our kids our 4-5. Well our couch is one of the guys that put the whole thing together so he was going to make sure she got on the right team because it wasn't fair to the little kids to spend all year getting totally whipped by her but it's also not fair to her it would give her an unfair expectation of her skills. Next year when she got in her right age group she wouldn't understand why she wasn't doing as well. So we'll see how we do next week when we play against children our own size.