Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jacob's 1st Soccer

Jacob had his first soccer game I thought he did pretty good.

he wasn't the fastest but he wasn't the slowest.
He tended to hang bag and see what the ball was going to do before trying to go for it instead of charging for it like everyone else. He also ran up and down the field and participated unlike another person in our family that at his age when she was his age stood on the field and cried because she didn't want to play. But I won't name names and embarrass her.

He kicked the ball a few times and almost got it to the goal.

But the other team had this HUGE girl on their team I swear she was like 18 and she scored like 20 goals and she was much faster then our little kids. The kids kept saying she's just so fast or she's so big. Well after the game we were talking to one of the sister's on our ward that has kids on that team and come to find out that girl is actually 6 and the rest of our kids our 4-5. Well our couch is one of the guys that put the whole thing together so he was going to make sure she got on the right team because it wasn't fair to the little kids to spend all year getting totally whipped by her but it's also not fair to her it would give her an unfair expectation of her skills. Next year when she got in her right age group she wouldn't understand why she wasn't doing as well. So we'll see how we do next week when we play against children our own size.

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