Thursday, September 23, 2010

2nd riding lesson

I took my camera today and I took a bunch of pictures and I'm gonna make some flip charts to help Hay memorize her steps.

Hay doing her chore Mrs. Emily thinks it's important that the kids learn that not only are horses are fun but they also are work too, which I think is great. and getting ready to catch her horse.

We thought his mask was funny, she actually having a little conversation with him their so he knows she's there. So she didn't startle him before she started taking his mask off and putting his halter on.

Hay & Mrs. Emily brushing down PJ.

Picking his feet. I love this one of my little bitty girl with his big foot. Look at her go.

She's so proud of herself leading him.

She's doing a really good job. Now if I could get her to ignore the flies and focus on the lesson we'd be doing good.

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