Sunday, September 5, 2010

Adoption day party

My youngest Niece Valerie is adopted from Guatemala. My sister and her hubby adopted her as an infant, every year they have a small party for her to celebrate the day they adopted her. Being They've been in Montana Since they adopted her we've never been able to go. SO I was excited to celebrate with her this year.

We went over to their house after church and while I helped Sam get dinner ready the kids played dress up crazy kids.

Then we watched the Baby Valerie Movie which is all the pictures they took when they went to Guatemala to get her and Sam added Captions to it. If I look miserable I was I had a horrible Migraine.

I think John had worked that night and he might even be going back to work tonight.

a couple of adoption day presents.

When they were in Guatemala they Bought 18 or 19 Items so every year on her adoption day she can have something from her native country.

The kids all trying out Valerie's new Giraffe limbo toy.

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