Friday, March 26, 2010

Park Day

This was Hailey last day of Spring Break I got brave and we rode our bikes to preschool and then Hay and Ben and I went to the Park. The wind was blowing really hard. I saw one of the other mom's as I was pedaling along. and she stopped and asked if I wanted her to take the boys on the rest of the way and I told her no I'll be OK. but as soon as she drove off I regretted it. I thought I was gonna die by the time I got to preschool I was so tired.

Cute boy

My friend Rachel has 3 little girls and she had to take one of them to the bathroom so she told the other one to watch the baby. So Hailey ran over there to "watch" the baby. Well her sister who is 3 was not to happy with that and she told Hailey Hay my mommy told me to watch her. Hailey thought she was big stuff though that she got to watch the baby

My friend sent me this picture of Ben she took at the park that day. Before everyone tells me how cute he is keep in mind he stole this bike from another child, and rode away as fast as he could.

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