Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baptism Dress

We went shopping today for Hailey's Baptism dress. I asked her earlier if she wanted to go just me and her or if she wanted to take the Aunts and Grandmas, and one little girl cousin and have it be girls day. Of course she picked everyone. SO first we went to lunch at Chile's and then headed over to Burlington coat factory.

They had a big section of dresses. So we found a bunch, mommies only rule is it had to have sleeves or a pretty cover up.
Her and I went in to the dressing room and when we got ready to come out she told them get your cameras ready ladies.

when she came out every one ohhhhd and awwwd and she just ate it up. one time when we came out she said "aw clicking cameras is music to my ear.
When we were in the dressing room getting the last dress off Grandma Jammie told someone else they looked so Pretty. Hailey turns to me and says "who she talking to, I'm in here?" she was very offended. How dare grandma complement someone else.

And the winner is. This was the one she liked best. which made me happy because it was my favorite too.

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