Monday, March 1, 2010

Yellow Day

Jacob got his first Yellow day at school today. For those of you who don't know how this works. Green day is a good, Yellow day is a warning day, and Red is a Bad day. Jacob always gets a green day. Well today was his first yellow day. He had a full blown temper tantrum with Miss Marni. He has problems with change and normally at the end of the day the first person colors in their day green and then hands the green to the next person and that person puts it away well something happened to the other sides green crayon so they asked Jacob for it and he flat out told them NO well at this point Miss Marni got involved and asked Jacob to give Jaxon the crayon. Well Jacob said No and starts to get upset because that's not how we do it. So Miss Marni tries to take the crayon from him and he starts to get more upset and refuses to let go of the crayon as she's saying give me the crayon. So she lets go and Jacob is so upset at this point that he screams no and throws the crayon. Well at this point he has already colored his day green so miss Marni colored over it in Yellow. So when she explained to me what happened I said "Oh Bubbi did you get a yellow day?" and he said "no I colored my day green" When we got home and talked about it he just kept telling me that's not how we do it. and I didn't get a yellow day. So when I showed him his paper that it was yellow he would say "I got a yellow green day" I tried over and over again to explain to him why he got a yellow but he just never could grasp it, I would think he would get it and then he'd chime in with "That's not how we do it, I don't give the crayon to Jaxon I put it away" I worry about this poor boy and his ability to change. If the slightest thing is off he can't handle it.

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