Thursday, March 11, 2010

Field trip

Hailey's class has so many parents volunteers that you have to enter a lottery to get picked to be a chaperon. It was the same way last year. I only got to go on one field trip last year. I didn't get to go on the last one but I was lucky enough to get picked for this field trip. We all got on the bus at the school and went to the museum.

Sorry Mrs. Tomas I know this is a horrible picture of you. I was trying to get the Dino out front. Don't get me wrong I was so glad to get to go with Hay on this trip but we had such little time to look at everything, so stopping to look at stuff was impossible . And a lot of it we had already seen but there was some new stuff and Hailey wanted to see it. and I had to keep pulling her along. At one point I looked up and everyone but me and Hailey had moved on and I had to race to catch up.

This was my little group Lauren, and Hailey, Chance and Wyatt Mrs. Tomas took pity on me and only gave me 4 kids.

The kids cottage fair this month was Dinosaur dig so we stopped and looked at the Dino's the ones with skin (as Jacob would call them) are in this big scene and a couple times a thunder/rain storm happens it's kind of cheesy but the kids enjoyed it.

The Dino's with out skin it was really fun to listen to the kids telling the adults what which Dinosaur is which. They make you feel so stupid when you say "what kind of dinosaur is that?" and this 7 year old looks at you and with this um your stupid look and then tells you " well it's a stegosaurus of course "

They were really excited to get to touch an actual dinosaur bone.

I'm not sure what they were looking at but they were super cute.

A real Alligator or crocodile and an ugly sea turtle.

Where the Poop exhibit was there is now a deer/antelope exhibit

Now on to the Native American Exhibit. They had this gigantic floor puzzle of a designed Pot and the kids worked together to put it together.

My cute girl

All of the kids got in one of the cell but none of my pictures came out. The locked one of the dads in one of the cell. It was funny but I was glad it wasn't me.

The gold mineing. The kids were so excited to get REAL gold I felt bad when I had to explain to them that it was fools gold. They were so disappointed.

This is one of the places Hailey really wanted to stop and check out but we had to rush through.

This is the other place Hailey wanted to stop and see stuff but we had to rush to the bus. So I promised her we would come back to the Museum so we could see it all.

Mrs. Tomas 2009-2010 2nd Grade class @ Eduprize elementary.

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