Friday, March 5, 2010


After several delays my sister and her family have finally gotten here. They have been living in Montana for the last 6 1/2 years. Sam's husband John is a Lutheran minister and that is where he got his first Call too. There were things they liked about there but it just wasn't for them in the end so a few months ago they decided to move here. I am super excited. My sister and I haven't lived close to each other since she was in college in Tucson and that was like 13 years ago. And my kids only have 3 cousins. My brothers 2 girls that live in Nebraska that we see every summer. And my sisters little girl, that before we were only able to see once a year or every couple of years. So my kids don't have that cousin thing that most kids do. Now they will be living down the street and so my kids can actually spend some quality time with their cousin. When they decided to live here I helped them by going and looking at houses. So I looked at 3 of for them and the only one that fit there needs that didn't smell like cigarette smoke is right down the street from me. So they took it, I'm hoping this will be good. I hope we will enjoy living so close, and don't drive each other crazy. I'm excited to have her close especially considering my folks are trying to sell there house and move to New Mexico at the end of the school year. They'll only be in there rental for a year and then there hoping John will have found a new preaching job, or something else he'll like to do.

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